Batman’s Tumbler Made From Busted PlayStation 2s

The great workhorse that it is, even the Play Station 2 must give up sometime. When it does, you just might recycle it into something to continue with its glorious past. Daniel Shankalonian was handed two busted PlayStation 2s, and he proceeded to transform them into a Batman Tumbler sculpture. It is 9.5 inches long, 4.5 inches tall, and available for $250 on Etsy.

Get Your Hands on the Authentic 1966 Batmobile Replica

Inspired by the ’60s TV show Batman, this Batmobile is built on a custom Lincoln chassis, and gets its powers from a 430 hp engine that works with a Monster TH350 automatic transmission. Batman wasn’t cool enough to give up the atomic batteries or turbines, so makers of this car mounted a propane cylinder in the rear for the afterburner effects.

Batman Scalemaille Armor

Batman would wear the crap out of this armor. The batsuit is awesome, but sometimes you just need a little change. Perhaps wear it for a costume party, maybe Halloween. If you’re Batman, you don’t really have a lot of costume choices, unless it’s a Batman costume. This Batman scalemaille suit of armor was originally built for a Batfan project called Legends: The Dark Knight. The handmade suit of armor includes everything from helmet to shoes, took 350 hours to complete and weighs 60lbs. It’s currently on sale for $9500.

Batman Trilogy Posters in the Style of Batman: The Animated Series

The recent Batman movie trio of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises have been given a touch of Batman: The Animated Series in this set of posters by illustrator Michael Rogers. In the set, all three movies get posters inspired by the style and the theme of the animated series. Available as prints on the artist’s Etsy shop.

All Characters Who Have Ever Played Batman Morph Into Portrait of Super Bruce Wayne

This image of Bruce Wayne is the sum total of all characters who have ever played Batman. Created by Reddit user morphinapg, the image includes the portrait of Ben Affleck, the latest actor to land the role of the caped crusader. We would now like to see a morph of all Batsuits ever, which we assume would not even look like a Batsuit, given the marked variations in color and style.