Batman Costume Pajamas With Cape and Cowl

Don’t accept anything less than being a superhero on your way to bed. The cowl and cape might be a bit troublesome in bed, but this onesie is a small price to pay for all the kickass superhero dreams you are about to have. That’s the correct way to fight crime. Costs $31.

Batman Scalemaille Armor

Batman would wear the crap out of this armor. The batsuit is awesome, but sometimes you just need a little change. Perhaps wear it for a costume party, maybe Halloween. If you’re Batman, you don’t really have a lot of costume choices, unless it’s a Batman costume. This Batman scalemaille suit of armor was originally […]

Batman Trilogy Posters in the Style of Batman: The Animated Series

The recent Batman movie trio of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises have been given a touch of Batman: The Animated Series in this set of posters by illustrator Michael Rogers. In the set, all three movies get posters inspired by the style and the theme of the animated series. Available […]

All Characters Who Have Ever Played Batman Morph Into Portrait of Super Bruce Wayne

This image of Bruce Wayne is the sum total of all characters who have ever played Batman. Created by Reddit user morphinapg, the image includes the portrait of Ben Affleck, the latest actor to land the role of the caped crusader. We would now like to see a morph of all Batsuits ever, which we […]

Batman Vs. Superman Ying-Yang Poster

You have to love this superb Ying-Yang styled Batman vs. Superman poster. Made by Matt Ferguson, the poster is about the Man of Steel sequel, which should be on screens in 2015 and feature Batman and Superman. Via Geek-Art

Hot Rod Batmobile

Nobody can ever accuse Batman for a lack of style; that part comes with being a ninja, and being the freakin’ Batman. A hot rod is fun to drive every once in a while, so it kind of makes sense for billionaire Bruce Wayne Batman have one to enjoy. Even if the wing on top […]

Twin Blade Batarang Knife

Twin blade Batman batarang knife isn’t a real help in fighting crimes, but a great tool to have in the utility belt. Costs $3.

Okay… So Batman Isn’t Fighting Crime Today [comic]

Being a vigilante on call isn’t of course an easy life, and Gotham police seems too interested in just having Batman take care of all things to leave little room for enjoyment in the life of the hero. Sometimes, he just has to tell them to get the f*ck off. Via

Fight For Justice in Blingy Batman Heels

First dazzle the bad guys with the bling on your shoes, then punch them senseless. This is just the way Batman should be, and he wouldn’t even need ninja training. WickedAddiction’s Batman heels are covered in Swarovski and glitter for maximum bling and style that a vigilante crime fighter should have. Cost $175.

Superhero Beards Are The New Fashion

Superhero beards are the way to go to show off a good crop of facial hair and your devotion to the superhero of your choice. In an advertising campaign for Braun shavers with the tagline Precision Prevails, agency BBDO Proximity showed of shaves in the shape of famous superhero logos. We have Batman, Superman and […]

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