Candle Attachment Makes Candlelight Relay the Bat Signal

Here’s how you go to a candle light dinner with Batman, yes, even if you’re a dude. If Batman doesn’t show up on time, attach this to the candle. That’s sure to grab his attention, provided he’s not that far away.

Official Logo and Name for the Batman Vs Superman Movie Released

The much awaited and talked about Batman, Superman movie finally has a name and a logo. The movie has been named Batman V Superman: The Dawn of Justice. It has of course, prompted speculation that the name is a sign towards setting up ground for the Justice League. via


If you have seen BatDad, know that he has a nemesis. Truth be told, BaneCat would kick ass.

Batman and Superman

A fun gif showing the camaraderie between two great superheroes. Via Phildesignart, Dorkly

Fratman: The Batman College Years

Batman, he’s doing it right. Via BatmanTag, Munchanka

For a Million Dollars, You Can Ride Home in the Batmobile

Running around town in the Tumbler from Nolan’s Batman seems like a very good idea, if you have the money to pay for it. You don’t have to be Bruce Wayne rich to buy this one, mainly because it is unlikely you go around dressed in suits and fight crime, or have a batcave where […]

Batman Versus The Terminator [Animation]

Batman takes on The Terminator and fights off Skynet in this sweet animated fan film. For a basic overview of the plot, Batman survived the August ’97 nuclear attacks in the Batcave. It has been thirty years since that time, and he is now allied with John Conner to take out Skynet.

Black Milk Clothing’s Batman Inspired Line

We’ve had a glimpse of Black Milk Clothing’s Batman inspired lineup, and now the full set is out. It’s quite a collection. Check it out.

Batman Themed Swimsuit for Women

Black Milk Clothing is all set to convert the Batsuit into a swimsuit, and have geeky girls wear it. The geek wear company is all set to launch a line of Batman inspired clothing, set to release on February 11.

Adventures of Batman in Texas

French photographer Remi Noël took a trip to the USA, with his fascination of American culture in mind. This set of images was captured in Texas, mainly between Houston and Dallas, and show the companion of the photographer, a tiny Batman action figure. In the black and white images, the tiny Batman figure can be […]

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