Put On Your Science Hat and Watch a Flame Conduct Electricity

It’s impressive how common, unassuming things around us work, and how little we often know about them. For example, flames that we often see are actually capable of conducting electricity. A flame is mostly composed of plasma where the ionized molecules and atoms can conduct electricity.

Cubli the Robotic Cube Jumps Up, Balances, Walks

Cubli is a tiny cube, measuring just 6 inches for each side. But the tiny little cube is darn impressive, especially given its ability to maintain its balance. Cubli can balance itself on its corner, then you could push, goad, spin the little cube or even dramatically change the angle of the surface it sits […]

An Excellent Visualization of Gravity

We know gravity, but visualizing it on the fabric of space-time can be a bit daunting. This excellent video shows a simple way to visualize gravity, and on its way plays along with some pretty interesting facts and trivia. It is about 10 minutes long, but it is 10 minutes well spent. via

India’s Mars Orbiter Sends Home Its First Image

India’s first mission to Mars, the Mars Orbiter (Mangalyaan) crossed the distance of the moon’s orbit this morning, making it the farthest object sent into space by India. A few days ago, the spacecraft looked back, and sent a postcard back home. This is the first image of Earth taken by the Mars Color Camera […]

What Mad Science? Genetically Engineered Mice With Elvis Presley’s DNA

Prepare yourself for new royalty shaped in the form of mice. But that’s not just any mice, these are mice with the DNA of the king of rock and roll. For his “All That I Am” project, Koby Barhad used the DNA of Elvis Presley in genetically engineered mice. The idea is to explore ethical […]

Uplifting Humanity: Apollo 11 Spacesuit Was Made by a Bra Manufacturer

The suit Neil Armstrong wore when stepping onto the moon was made using cutting edge technology of that time. A good part of that technology and suit construction came from a bra manufacturer in Dover, Delaware. The suit had to live up to a whole range of specifications, a very important one being that it […]

‘Canyon of Fire’ on the Sun

This spectacular image is the result of the eruption of a magnetic filament of solar material. Captured in late September, the image shows a 200,000 mile long filament that erupted through the sun’s atmosphere, the corona. The ‘canyon of fire’ was formed where magnetic fields held the filament aloft before the eruption. NASA image of […]

What No One Wants to See: The Most Horrifying Parasites [video]

A very, very horrifying list of parasites and their ways. It’s almost morbidly fascinating.

Watch Water Droplets Run Through a Metallic Maze and Amaze [video]

Leidenfrost effect is the phenomenon responsible for the jumping water droplets that happen when you pour water on a hot pan. Basically, as water comes into contact with a surface way above its boiling temperature, a thin layer of vapor forms at the contact point and prevents the droplet from evaporating suddenly. Put a bit […]

Could Your Brain Be Hacked [video]

New video from ASAP Science discusses if our brain could be hacked, the big biological computer that it is.

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