Wonderful Origami Dresses by Jule Waibel

German designer Jule Waibel has created a set of 25 dresses, all for Bershka flagship stores in different cities. Jule creates her dresses in the style of origami, starting with a large sheet of paper and hand-pleating it into forms and shapes that fit the body, and create a nice pattern for the dress. Each […]

Scrolls From 1600s Japan Illustrate the Glories of Farting

Farting was the shit in 1600s Japan, as these scrolls that depict a farting competition show. While the act of farting is glorified as it should be, the scrolls delve further into various positions that a person can take to completely destroy the opposition. It’s an aim, lock, and fire thing, but ingesting copious amount […]

Artist ‘Sews’ Portraits on Own Hand

Not so long ago, we saw an artist embroider a “sculpture” on the skin of her own hand. Well, she has company now with artist David Cata who likes to sew portraits and sculptures on his hands. The portraits represent people who have had an influence on the world, and/or on the artist.

Artist Makes Everything and Anything a Face

Artist Victor Nunes has a knack for transforming random objects into faces or facial expressions. Popcorns, walnuts, scissors, and several other objects just turn into the appearance of a face. Simple sketches go along these objects to create a complete set.

Old Paintings Get an Animated Life

BEAUTY short video directed by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro shows some classic works of art. Only, they have been animated to add some life, movement and sound to the scenes depicted, in a very tasteful way. Via Ignant

Skull Toons Sculptures Don’t Want to Part With Cute

Under regular circumstances, if someone were to imagine Mickey Mouse with a skull, we would prepare ourselves to look at a scary version. That’s just a fair bet. As a rule, that part wouldn’t have anything to do with cute, unlike the sculptures we see here.

Animals From History

Animals play the famous personalities of history in this set of illustrations by artist Christina Hess. Walking the line of a previous set of illustrations by the artist, this set is currently finished in graphite in bristol. The artist intends to have them in color for her Animals From History book, and is currently looking […]

Artist Creates Drawings By Tracing Her Body Movements on Paper

New Orleans based artist Heather Hansen is a specialist in what she calls Kinetic Drawing. Heather makes use of her upper body to create large works of art that has a touch of dance, and charcoal on her hands to draw patterns on large sheets of paper. The skill and precision with which she manages […]

Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Star Wars and more as Little Golden Tales

Popular TV shows and movies take to the cover of Little Golden Tales books for kids in an art show featuring several artists on Gallery Nucleus. Several of these are as unforgettable as the books themselves, which makes it all quite the combination.

Realistic Creatures From Legend of Zelda

Creatures of Zelda just got real in the art of Nate Hallinan. You haven’t known a fear of spiders until you see Skulltula in its realistic look.

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