Sidewalk Cracks Fixed With The Japanese Art of Gold Repair

On a fine day in the spring of 2014, artist Rachel Sussman made her introduction to the Japanese art of Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi. The catalyst was a photograph she saw on social media of a broken ceramic bowl put back together with gold. Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or platinum dust.

Life-size Kanye Jesus Sculpture on Hollywood Boulevard

This sculpture, placed at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue is titled False Idol and is the work of LA street artist Plastic Jesus. The golden statue portrays Kanye West as Jesus, with his arms outstretched to be crucified, but without the cross – there are nails on his hands though. A crown of thorns adorns his head and a Jesus piece is placed around his neck. On his feet are the YEEZY Boost 350 sneakers.

Artist Creates Illustrations From Craigslist’s Missed Connections

Missed Connections on Craigslist are quite the thing. Sometimes they work wonders, often they give readers a great story, and a lot of times they are destined to remain missed. One thing they’re almost always good at, is being interesting. Illustrator Lucia Soto saw the missed connections, and created a visual record of them in the form of illustrations.

Incredible Flower Tattoos Look Like Watercolor Paintings

We generally associate a familiar look with tattoos, irrespective of their design. Well, it’s time to get that notion shattered with these beautiful tattoos that take an entirely fresh look (and subject). Most tattoo artists employ a black outline. By getting rid of that outline and using lighter colors, these tattoos take on a nearly watercolor-like look. These tattoos are the work of Korean tattoo parlor Aro Tattoo, based in Seoul, and staffed mainly by two artists – Dali and Silo.

Artist Explores and Interprets Mental Illnesses Through Architectural Representation

Through his series Archiatric, artist Federico Babina explores the topic of psychological illness by representing various psychological issues as architectural forms. The silhouette of a house stands as a representation, with changes or differences made to highlight the effect of various mental issues. As the artist says, “In this series of images, I make an abstract exercise of translating one language to another.”

Photographer With Sleep Disorder Recreates His Nightmares in Photos For The World to See

We may call these photographs terrifying, scary nightmares. For photographer Nicolas Bruno though, these are much more beyond just words. These are the terrors the 22 year-old photographer actually deals with. Nicolas Bruno suffers from sleep paralysis. As he enters the state of REM sleep, he ends up awake, but paralyzed.