Artist Paints Foods to Disguise Them as Other Foods

Artist Hikaru Cho can paint food into such camouflage that the food itself would have an identity crisis if it could look at itself. He paints the skins of fruits and vegetables to transform them into another eatable of similar dimensions.

Processed Foods Arranged for Landscape Photography

Playing on the now familiar theme of foodscapes, photographers Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman have captured fantastical landscapes made out of processed foods. Perhaps not in sheer scale, but in perception these food landscapes could give the wicked witch and her gingerbread cottage a run for her money.

These Very Appetizing Paintings Are Done With Vomit

Performance artist Millie Brown creates paintings with bright splashes of color. The bright colors, rather than go straight into the canvas first take a detour into the stomach of the artist, from where they come out as vomit onto the canvas.

Photographs Show the Vanishing Indigenous Tribes Across the World

Ours is a fast changing world, and as the world changes, so does the lifestyle of people living in it. Of course, some are affected slower than the others, and now we stand at the point where lifestyles of indigenous tribes that have changed little over the centuries are set to go into extinction. British […]

Flower Mandalas

Beautifully arranged flower mandalas by Arizona-based artist Kathy Klein. She calls the temporary mandalas danmalas (Sanskrit for the giver of garlands).

Portraits by Geoffrey Guillin

Artist Geoffrey Guillin creates these portraits primarily with the use of color pencils and often adds glitter for shine to the portraits. While they do tend to seem focused on particular facial characteristics, the artist maintains these are not caricatures but compositions based on most prominent characteristics on a subject’s face.

Realistic Popeye 3D Printed Sculpture

Years have passed and Popeye is now an old sailor. While the image you see here has been around for a while, the artist has now crafted it into a sculpture with 3D printing. Everything on the sculpture was printed except the collar and the pipe stem. Via zbrushcentral, Nerdcore

Photorealistic Paintings of Vintage Gadgets

For the last decade, Canadian artist William Fisk has been painting quite stunning photorealistic images of vintage gadgets. The subject range is enormous, going from the phones, cameras and computer consoles, to something as simple as a cord. The series is called Portraits and is for sure a very impressive set.

Game of Thrones Illustrated In Feudal Japanese Style

Artist Sei-G has a set of prints set in feudal Japan, and representing the events from Game of Thrones. Illustrations have been done in the traditional Japanese woodblock style, and the characters have been given a bit of appearance change to fit into the narrative of the Japanese style. Prints available on RedBubble.

Crochet ‘My Little Dalek’ Stand for the Magic of Friendship, and Extermination

My Little Dalek are all about the magic of friendship and extermination, probably not in the same order. The cute crochet Daleks with a hint of My Little Pony are the work of artist Country-Geek-Crochet.

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