Super Mario Game of Thrones [video]

We’re just surprised a Mario – Game of Thrones mashup took this long. Well, it’s finally here. The opening credits of Game of Thrones played in Mario music style, and displayed on the game map.

Disney Princesses Styled as Game of Thrones Ladies

Disney Princesses habitually show a lot less skin than the ladies in Game of Thrones, but then the princesses don’t live in a world as cruel as Westeros. Illustrator Sam Tsui illustrated thirteen Disney characters and princesses as women from A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s just about a month before Game of Thrones […]

Disney Princesses in Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Artist Isaiah Stephens imagines what Disney princesses would look like, if they dressed up for a contemporary Halloween party. We’ll say it is an excellent set.

Pop Art Movie Mashup Posters

Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz mashed up movie posters in art for very intriguing results. It’s not a straight up mashup of popular culture characters walking into movie scenes, but slightly more complicated and takes more time to exactly figure it out.

Street Fighter and Plants Vs Zombies Mashup [video]

The zombies never stood a chance. Not in their wildest dreams. via

Muppet Superheroes

Following the time honored tradition of mashups, the Muppets get an extra intense version. The set was created by the folks at ComicsShouldBeGood. They asked their twitter followers what mashup they would like to see, and returned with these results.

Classic Cartoon and Video Game Characters Get Sorted Into Game of Thrones Houses

Alternative Game of Thrones houses by Fabio Di Corleto is one of the best Game of Thrones we have seen. And we have seen a lot. We especially like the different style and the creative touch, which is what sets it apart.

Game of Thrones With Walter White

Game of Thrones meets Breaking Bad, and Walter White steals everyone’s glory.

Family Guy Characters Cast In Game of Thrones

Reddit user e_lasorda created this mashup set where Family Guy characters find themselves in the Game of Thrones universe. You have to give them some credit. These guys are pretty well suited for the roles.

Grumpy Cat Starring in Disney Movies

DeviantArt user Eric Proctor has a set of illustrations showing Grumpy Cat starring in Disney movies. In our opinion, The Lion King interpretation is by far the best, with grumpy king at the helm, a lot of troubles could be saved.

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