A Tropical Island That Lives Inside a Former Military Base in Germany

Germany is by no means the place for a tropical paradise, but there this tropical “island” lives, surrounded by fields of snow in winter. The sandy beeches, the palm trees, and the warmth in this place that hosts canaries and flamingos totally belie the fact that this was once a giant hangar in a Russian military base in Krausnick, Germany.

Slumber Away in the Beer Barrel Bedroom

As far as bedrooms go, they might be very well different in decoration, but the beds themselves generally tend to confine themselves to a similar style. Which while not nearly a bad thing, might not find repose with a small number of people who might be looking for something more “adventurous.” Both these tastes however, would find some good in the Beer Barrel Bedroom, if only for its unconventional look and style.

Aircraft Carrier Converted Into Hotel in China

Aircraft carriers are humongous ships, generally seen by people as a representation of the military might of their country. The status that they enjoy apparently makes them very well suited for commercial activities as well, including something like a luxury hotel. Kiev is a retired Soviet aircraft carrier that was sold to China in 1996, and was used as part of a military theme park since 2004. Now, the ship has been turned into a luxury hotel. The promoters sent a good $15.5 million in revamping the ship and giving it the luxury look, bypassing the traditional navy cabins the ship would have had.

Dasparkhotel Keeps its Guests in Drainage Pipes

Dasparkhotel has a business model other hotels would avoid like the plague, but letting guests stay in drainage pipes seems to work for Daspark. To be fair, it is not exactly the way it sounds; the drain pipes have been converted and sit in a city park. The hotel is a concept from Andreas Strauss. Currently, there are two hotels, one in near Essen, Germany, and another in Ottensheim, Austria.