$3.2 Million Custom Tailored Diamond Armor Suit Is Bulletproof, Waterproof, and Air Conditioned

Should you be willing to pay $3.2 million, this custom tailored suit will keep you in the lap of luxury and security. SuitArt has come up with Diamond Armor custom tailored suit so you can look as stylish and opulent as you would like to be, while being comfortable and protected.

Every Best Actress Dress Ever

Oscar Awards have been given, and as always, they’ve created quite a buzz. A very important bit that is often talked about at the awards (and later) is the clothes worn by various celebrities. This infographic by MediaRunDigital shows the same premise, except it is concerned with the way winners of the best actress award […]

Black Milk Clothing’s Batman Inspired Line

We’ve had a glimpse of Black Milk Clothing’s Batman inspired lineup, and now the full set is out. It’s quite a collection. Check it out.

Poked to Death: Pokeball Death Star Shirt

Got to say, we approve of this Pokeball – Death Star mashup. Though looking at the image, we have to ask the all important question. Does it make her look fat? The geeky shirt is costs $24.

Monday You Bastard

This sweatshirt sufficiently describes my feelings every morning on Monday. Available on Giventhree.

Batman Themed Swimsuit for Women

Black Milk Clothing is all set to convert the Batsuit into a swimsuit, and have geeky girls wear it. The geek wear company is all set to launch a line of Batman inspired clothing, set to release on February 11.

Spock Crew Sock with Ears

Spock crew sock with ears is one interesting item, although we haven’t been quite able to figure if the “ears” are printed on the fabric, or they happen to be appendages sticking out of the socks itself. The latter would admittedly be cooler, and perhaps that is exactly what these socks are about. Costs $12.

Embroidered Cats Peek Out of Shirts

Cat shirts by Hiroko Kubota were initially made for her son. The child is of a smaller build and store bought items did not fit him well enough. So the mother started to make shirts for her son, the boy being a bit of a cat lover sometimes requested his mother to use her skill […]

Engineer’s Motto T-Shirt

Now that’s a good, funny gag gift. Available on Amazon.

Deluxe Voltron Costume Hoodie

Voltron costume hoodie is your gear for defending the universe like the best armchair warrior there is. You get to act the main pilot, and enjoy the good level of detail that the hoodie presents. It is 50% polyester and 50% cotton, with an additional touches of three dimensional heads lion heads on the arms. […]

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