Spraycan Projection Alarm Clock

Now this is a sweet novelty item. Just press on the top of the spraycan figure, and it projects the time on the directed object. The Spraycan Projection Alarm Clock is priced at $20.

Analog Clocks Come Together To Make This One Awesome Digital Clock [video]

Design studio Humans Since 1982 brought analog and digital into the same category with a very interesting style and fashion. An installation by the studio features a set of 288 analog clocks. Although, rather than show time, all these clocks work together to create one massive digital clock that displays time.

Circuit Wall Clock

Taking the scenic route of minimalist beauty, the circuit wall clock by designer Stevan Djurovic looks simply like a circular hollow disk. The magic of time telling in the clock comes through two subtle beams of light that rotate around the clock, one on the inside and the other on the outside. The outside LED […]

Watch Clock

It’s a watch, it’s a clock, and it’s a paradox because it sure as f*ck ain’t superman. Giant watches on the wall does sound kind of a good idea. Via ProductPage, Design-Milk

Spire Clock Tells Its Time The Way Of The Fan

Spire Clock may look like some weird kind of weapon, but it is pretty harmless in reality. Inspired by the movement of the Japanese holding fan, the Spire Clock has its hour and minute hands serve as constraints of the spiral. The flow of time and the rhythm of the clock become very fascinating to […]

Clock Exactly Shows How Time Flies

We’ve all noticed days when time seems to fly by and days when time comes to have come to a standstill. This clock seems to be for the former occasion, and it really does give the feel of time running at full speed. Sadly, there is no way to make time slow down on occasions […]

Accurate Clock’s Got It Right

You just can’t put it any simpler than that, and it probably are those words that keep this clock accurate. The Accurate Clock from Mr. Jones is priced at $120. Via Design-Milk

Fable Mantle Clock Tells Time Beautifully

Fable Mantle Clock is just the dose of interesting the doctor ordered. The timepiece has the classic domed cage with a tree that rotates as every second goes by. The hours and minutes are displayed on the base with proportional and contextual movements, and what we find to be a very calm and interesting design. […]

Whiteboard wall clock

We’ll suppose the whiteboard wall clock would be good for a few things, like leaving notes and remembering appointments. Just write up along the dial and whenever you check the time, the clock itself will serve as a reminder. Costs $71. Via Ubergizmo

Kitchen cutlery clock

Kitchen cutlery clock makes obvious references to its name in its looks. It uses an alternate arrangement of forks and spoons to be present where numbers would usually go. The clock would be a lot more useful if the forks and spoons could actually be put to use. Costs $30. Via: UberReview

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