Circuit Wall Clock

Taking the scenic route of minimalist beauty, the circuit wall clock by designer Stevan Djurovic looks simply like a circular hollow disk. The magic of time telling in the clock comes through two subtle beams of light that rotate around the clock, one on the inside and the other on the outside. The outside LED works as the hour hand, while the inner LED does its job as the minute hand. It’s still just a concept and will hopefully see the light of the day very soon.

Fable Mantle Clock Tells Time Beautifully

Fable Mantle Clock is just the dose of interesting the doctor ordered. The timepiece has the classic domed cage with a tree that rotates as every second goes by. The hours and minutes are displayed on the base with proportional and contextual movements, and what we find to be a very calm and interesting design. Fable is the work of Gilbert 13, a partnership between Angela and Mark Gilbert.

Via Shapeways