Please Do Not Feed the Fears

Now that’s solid advice. via

Magic Flying Carpet Coffee Table

Living in a fairytale and embarking upon adventures is easy when you have access to the flying carpet. Made by Duffy London, the flying carpet is a coffee table made out of mild steel, with a brilliantly designed base that mimics the shadow of the carpet.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Gives New Year Wishes to NATO With Picture of ICBM

Looking at this picture with a sense of humor, you can find it absolutely hilarious. Russian Deputy Prime Minister and permanent representative of Russia to NATO Dmitry Rogozin tweeted this picture as a new year card for NATO. In the picture, Santa is standing with army men and a giant Intercontinental Ballistic missile. The tweet […]

Classic Formula 1 Liveries On The Racers of 2013

Once upon a time, Formula 1 cars used to have a paintjob that matched the flags of their countries. The game has since changed, and the cars have been plastered with advertisements instead. Well, the current advertisement plastered cars are no rarity for us, but there’s always a nostalgia in looking back at the past. […]

The Hobbit – Being Gandalf Costume Comfy Throw

The Hobbit inspired Gandalf costume comfy throw. Costs $24.95.

Face of the Perfect Woman According to Men, and Women

A survey commissioned by cosmetics and body care retailer has come to the conclusion that the face of the “perfect woman” is likely to look like one of the two weirdos you see here. While the demography of the survey isn’t quite clear, the process employed included asking people to pick their favorite facial […]

Darth Vader Being a Good Father to Leia in Vader’s Little Princess

Illustrated and written by Jeffrey Brown, Star Wars: Vader’s Little Princess is a book that deals with the life of Darth Vader and Princess Leia. For the book, the Sith Lord is doing his usual duties for the empire, but he also has a young daughter to take care of. The situations obviously often get […]

Fictional Simpsons Movie References Get Real Posters

The Simpsons universe is littered with in-universe movie references which unfortunately never got a chance to shine in theaters of our world. Righting some of that wrong, MTV and Old Red Jalopy have created a set of posters for the “fake” movie references in the Simpsons. Going by the posters, those movies have quite the […]

Praying Mantis Disguised as a Flower

The praying mantis is a very vicious predator, and their prey would have enough sense to stay away from them. But a pink flower? Now that wouldn’t sound scary to anyone, insects included, who would find themselves pray to the orchid mantis. This is a species of praying mantis from the Malaysian rainforest, where they […]

Hummingbird Party Glass Markers

Tiny and cute hummingbird tags that sit atop glasses and make everything look better. Set of six birds is priced at $14.