Monday You Bastard

This sweatshirt sufficiently describes my feelings every morning on Monday. Available on Giventhree.

Mexico’s Haunted Island of Dolls

Truth is stranger than fiction, they say. And real creepy dolls would make Chucky poop his pants and cry; all he needs to do is visit the haunted dolls island in Mexico. The island is located near a rural area called Xochimilco (tranlated to ‘a place of flowers’). Canals run through this area, and in […]

3D Printed Guitars

Electric guitars get a taste of 3D printing with ODD Guitars by Olaf Diegel. The guitar bodies are made out of nylon and they dyed through a two step process for the finished look. As they mention, in terms of construction this is much like any other electric guitar.

Head Shots: Artist Improvises With NYC Subway Advertisements

Head Shots by artist Jon Burgerman is a photograph series where the artist improvises with NYC subway advertisements for the sake of humor and dramatic impact. The series features the artist next to several advertisements, as a subject to their actions. The idea is to make viewers aware of, question, investigate and re-connect with their […]

An Instagram Account Dedicated to ‘Miserable Men’ Out Shopping

Shopping with their spouse isn’t exactly a fun time for several men. Miserable Men on Instagram focuses on these poor souls, the men who went shopping with their SO, and now wait for their return with a blank, sometimes miserable expression.

Disney Princesses as Dudes

A series of illustrations by TT of Let There Be Doodles imagines what Disney Princesses would look like if they were male. The dude princesses/princes of Disney were inspired by another series named Gay Disney.

Middle Finger Socks For Men

The message of true love, right on your feet. Costs $10.

Disney Princesses, If They Were in College

After seeing Disney Princesses in school, here’s another set that imagines the life of Disney princesses if they were in college.

Archaeologists Open 3200 Year Old Tomb of Egyptian Beer Brewer

There are a few things humanity has been consistent in throughout its history. Ingesting alcohol is probably one of the few fun things we’ve been doing ever since the time of our ancestors. Perhaps as a testament to that fact, Japanese archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the tomb of a dude who apparently was maker […]

Being a Feminist, According to Stock Photography

Stock photography is barely an indicator to anything, least of all, of photography. Yet, thoughts need to be represented, and images made available. So here is what you see when searching through stock photography with terms like empowered female, girl power, and feminist. Step one: Get a suit.