Uwatela 3D Printed Abstract Art Construction Toy

In a very chaotic sense, Uwatela construction toy could be said to be similar to Lego. The resemblance however ends at the point that Uwatela and Lego employ pieces sticking to each other. Dolf Veenvliet’s (previously) creation is aimed at creating abstract construction forms. The pieces are 3D printed from the Makerbot Replicator 1, and thrive on serendipity of what abstract shape might be constructed. Each set contains eight pieces packed in a linen bag, and priced at $21.11.

Chewbacca Seatbelt Cover

In a world where we stylize almost everything, it comes as quite a surprise to realize the seatbelt has been somewhat ignored (so far). This little Chewbacca inspired cover aims to stylize the ever hardworking, and simple seatbelt, or for that matter similar objects like guitar straps and purse straps. It attaches to the belt with velcro to show off a simplicity of use and the ability to re-use it in other applications as well. Costs $22.

Breeders Make Werewolf-like Cat

Cats and wolves aren’t from the same family tree, much less werewolves, but you could find them some similarities. A group of cat breeders have created the Lykoi Cats, felines with a small crop of hair that makes them look like werewolves. Lykoi is a mutation of the shorthair cat, and does not grow a full coat of fur, including on its face.

Period Panties!

As the creator of the Period Panties project on Kickstarter says, “Half the world menstruates, so why not have some fun with it?!” Fun it seems they are having, with the project already way above its funding goal and with plenty days to spare. The panties come along with a “Cramp Stamp” a temporary tattoo based off the design of the panties. While the Kickstarter campaign is running, you can secure a crap stamp and a panty for $13.