Praying Mantis Disguised as a Flower

The praying mantis is a very vicious predator, and their prey would have enough sense to stay away from them. But a pink flower? Now that wouldn’t sound scary to anyone, insects included, who would find themselves pray to the orchid mantis. This is a species of praying mantis from the Malaysian rainforest, where they […]

Hummingbird Party Glass Markers

Tiny and cute hummingbird tags that sit atop glasses and make everything look better. Set of six birds is priced at $14.

Wave of the Cookie Monster

A closer look at the classic painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa shows what it really has in mind. via

Public Toilet Survival Kit

If the thought of entering a public toilet gives you the jitters, this kit will help alleviate your worries a bit. Meant for the times when there is no option other than using the services of a public toilet, the kit includes a toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes and a pair of disposable gloves. […]

Toaster and Egg Poacher Combo

A combo device for your breakfast, this one includes a toaster, an egg poacher, and while it is at it, this one works as a meat warmer as well. Costs $40 [aStore]

These Scenic Chinese Landscapes Are Just Veiled Landfills

Images from Chinese artist Yao Lu present a very familiar scenery. They look like conventional paintings of Chinese landscapes shrouded in mist and flaunting natural beauty. In reality however, these are digitally manipulated images of landfills showing off mounds of rubbish and refuse. The landfills are merely draped in green nets that provide the appearance […]

Skintight Santa Costume

Santa in spandex, because that’s what makes Christmas great. Available on Amazon. via

What Do Wine Glasses Do When They Are Drunk? They Get Tipsy

Getting one drink after another, it would be fair to imagine wine glasses take a few gulps for themselves, and eventually end up drunk. Like every drunk, the glasses then do tend to get tipsy. The set of four goblets has slightly curved stems and appear to be a little bent.

If Models Looked the Same as Fashion Sketches

It is no secret that the fashion industry often holds its models to ridiculously thin, near anorexic standards. As a jab on the idea, Brazilian modelling agency Star Models came up with a series called You are not a sketch. The campaign seeks to address the problem of anorexia in the modelling industry.