Loki Burdened With Glorious Purpose T-Shirt

Now that is the Norse God who is currently perhaps more popular than Thor. Loki burdened with glorious purpose t-shirt is available on Skreened, who have a pretty nice collection of tees to look for. Via GeekAlerts

Answering the Age old Question of Why Superheroes Wear Underwear on the Outside

We have often wondered why Superheroes prefer to wear underwear over their clothes, unlike the more sensible choice of wearing it under their clothes. This video explains the reasons for that choice, and you realize most of our superheroes are from a different age. Plus, there’s a short history of Superman’s beginnings, which is pretty […]

Star Trek Themed House

Canada’s Line Rainville has a solid love for Star Trek, and it shows itself in the appearance of her house. A fan of the original 1960s series, and of William Shatner as Captain Kirk, Rainville transformed her home into elements from the series.

Pokemon Made From Leaves

Natural Pokemon series by Jacob Carter sees the much loved Pokemon made out of Leaves. We’re guessing the Pokemon would love the touch of “natural” in their portraits. Except when they get into a battle and get carried away by a little gust of wind.

Mattel’s Utility Belt Comes With Batarang

If you’re going to be a vigilante and play Batman, you need the gear to go along. Alfred and the Batcave might be difficult, and the Batmobile and the ninja skills, well, not even the massive Wayne Enterprises, but no one can take away the Batman costume from the heart set on saving Gotham. Once […]

Harry Potter Themed Stiletto Heels

These beautiful Harry Potter themed stilettos were made especially for a wedding, hand-painted by the bride’s sister-in-law. The Harry Potter and Hogwarts stilettos were made for the bride, while the house stilettos were used by the bridesmaids.

Disney Princesses, Star Wars Mashup

Artist Ralph Sevelius illustrated Disney princesses as various characters from Star Wars, and they do a variety of roles in the series; from being Sith Lords to being frozen in carbonite.

Lego Mecha Pokemon

Here’s another badass representation of Pokemon, this time as Lego robot mechas. Someday, we should pit this creation of Stormbringer against Power Rangers. Just a friendly match perhaps.

Sherlock, Doctor Who and Other Famous Characters as Pillows

Etsy shop telahmarie (Heart Felt Designs) has a very cool collection of handmade pillows that show several popular culture characters. Sherlock and the Doctor are of course at the top, considering their popularity, but there are several other characters available as well. Other items from the shop include Dean, Sam, and Castiel from Supernatural, Harry […]

Superheroes Illustrated as Little Kids

Artist Alberto Varanda illustrated superheroes as cute little kids. They no longer throw fists and punches, but defeat crime with cuteness.