If I Say ‘I Love You’ to Star Wars Rings, Do They Know?

A very detailed, very beautiful collection of rings based on the Star Wars universe. The very well detailed rings were created by Japan based JAP Studio to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the Star Wars movie in 1997. Why are we talking about them now? Mostly because they’re awesome.

Skull Toons Sculptures Don’t Want to Part With Cute

Under regular circumstances, if someone were to imagine Mickey Mouse with a skull, we would prepare ourselves to look at a scary version. That’s just a fair bet. As a rule, that part wouldn’t have anything to do with cute, unlike the sculptures we see here.

Star Wars Toys Take a Very Realistic Turn of Events

Putting skills of forced perspective to use, Finnish photographer and illustrator Vesa Lehtimäki aka Avanaut has a set of beautiful images where Star Wars reaches out for our planet. The photographer used toys for photography in the real world, and with a bit of perspective, actually managed to make them look like full scale objects […]

Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Star Wars and more as Little Golden Tales

Popular TV shows and movies take to the cover of Little Golden Tales books for kids in an art show featuring several artists on Gallery Nucleus. Several of these are as unforgettable as the books themselves, which makes it all quite the combination.

Medieval Armor for Joker

A functional full body leather armor for the medieval age joker, built by Prince Armory (previously).

Game of Thrones Propaganda Posters

The warring lords of Westeros need to recruit soldiers for their armies. Propaganda posters are a time honored and successful solution to recruitment troubles. Posters by artist Olivia Desianti.

Adventures of Batman in Texas

French photographer Remi Noël took a trip to the USA, with his fascination of American culture in mind. This set of images was captured in Texas, mainly between Houston and Dallas, and show the companion of the photographer, a tiny Batman action figure. In the black and white images, the tiny Batman figure can be […]

Oh Look, the Powerpuff Girls Are All Grown Up

It has been a while since we last saw them, and Powerpuff Girls have now grown up into fine ladies. Here they are, posing on the cover of Justice Mag. We have to say, we’re enjoying the Justice Magazine series of illustrations by artist Artgerm (Stanley Lau). Hit ahead for images of Cheetara from Thundercats, […]

Loki Burdened With Glorious Purpose T-Shirt

Now that is the Norse God who is currently perhaps more popular than Thor. Loki burdened with glorious purpose t-shirt is available on Skreened, who have a pretty nice collection of tees to look for. Via GeekAlerts