Apple Announces New iPhone 5S, Cheaper iPhone 5C, Free iPhone 4S

Apple has announced new phones and updates for the iDevices. First off, its the launch of the iPhone 5S. This one is an obvious upgrade to its predecessor, the good old iPhone 5, which has now been discontinued. The expected price drop that the iPhone 5 had to take with the coming of the 5S, is a slot now being filled by the new iPhone 5C. Remember, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are very different phones.

Makeup Compact Kit iPhone Case

Makeup compact iPhone 5 case happens to be just an image case, sorry anyone who was hoping to carry a touch of makeup on the back of their phone. The case has an image of a makeup compact kit on its back, which while looking very realistic, happens to be just an image. Although we are pretty sure that since the idea is out in the open now, someone will sooner or later come up with a phone case that does make room for compact. Costs $24.

Overkill 101: 100X Astronomical Telephoto Lens for iPhone 5

We aren’t quite the wisest people around, but a 100X astronomical telephoto lens for the iPhone sounds kind of like an overkill. The iPhone is an excellent device for leisurely capturing photos for things around you, perhaps a few accessories for the phone camera won’t really be bad, but how much is overkill? We guess a gigantic lens that works for 100X zoom on an iPhone 5 can be the place to draw the line. But then there might be a good percentage who actually might find this useful, in that case, get $226.95 ready and head on to the seller’s website.

Via bookofjoe

Shoes With iPhone Case on Their Heels

iPhone Mashup Shoe might be the ridiculous mashup of a shoe and an iphone case/holder, but we are good people that don’t judge. The 3D printed shoes include a strap and case along their heel where the phone goes. It might be a little trouble, but you get to pull off a Bond-style shoe phone technique. Yeah, Bond looked better but I’m not James Bond, and that sucker did not have 3D printed shoes and a smartphone. You hear that Mr Bond? I’m better than you.

Ozaki O! iPhone Cases Are Made For Lovers

OZAKI O! coat Lover case for the iPhone 5 has been built for lovers. The cases come in a pair of two, where one is shaped like the female, and the other as the male. When brought together, the cases fit in to get into a lip lock that would describe the love of their owners. A very warm, romantic idea, though we remain skeptical of the practical use of all those curves, corners and nooks these cases would throw at their users. But lovers would probably scorn at these trivial issues and overcome the challenge of the possibly uncomfortable pointy cases with the power of love. The pair of cases is priced at 4580 JPY (~$45).

iPhone Addon Lets You Send Scent With Your Messages

ChatPerf Scentee addon for iPhones adds another dimension to texting, allowing users to send a scent to go along their messages. It’s use could of course be extended to situations where you receive notifications on your phone, or for reminders. The technology of course, is still growing and the palate of the device is extremely limited at the moment.

Domino Effect on 10,000 iPhones [video]

Folks at Aatma Studios answered the nagging question that everyone had in their mind; how well do iPhones work as dominoes? The digital production studio used some of its digital wizardry to create the 10,000 iPhone 5 Domino. It has been basically developed as a third party spec ad for the iPhone 5 with NFC (Near Field Communications) that many people would probably like to see on the hotly rumored iPhone 5s.