Makeup Compact Kit iPhone Case

Makeup compact iPhone 5 case happens to be just an image case, sorry anyone who was hoping to carry a touch of makeup on the back of their phone. The case has an image of a makeup compact kit on its back, which while looking very realistic, happens to be just an image. Although we […]

Pocket Pico Projector For The iPad

Built for the iPad, this pocket pico projector allows you to have a larger screen on demand where you can watch videos at leisure and on a larger screen. Weighing less than 5 oz, the projector connects to the iPad’s 30-pin charging port and projects the required image in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Binocular Adapter For the iPhone

Built for the iPhone, this adapter supports most standard sized binoculars and gives a better eye and movement for your phone camera zoom. Fit the adapter nice and well to the phone and the binoculars, and you get a good optical zoom to look forward to. Of course, the paths of overkill are still open, […]

Overkill 101: 100X Astronomical Telephoto Lens for iPhone 5

We aren’t quite the wisest people around, but a 100X astronomical telephoto lens for the iPhone sounds kind of like an overkill. The iPhone is an excellent device for leisurely capturing photos for things around you, perhaps a few accessories for the phone camera won’t really be bad, but how much is overkill? We guess […]

Shoes With iPhone Case on Their Heels

iPhone Mashup Shoe might be the ridiculous mashup of a shoe and an iphone case/holder, but we are good people that don’t judge. The 3D printed shoes include a strap and case along their heel where the phone goes. It might be a little trouble, but you get to pull off a Bond-style shoe phone […]

Ozaki O! iPhone Cases Are Made For Lovers

OZAKI O! coat Lover case for the iPhone 5 has been built for lovers. The cases come in a pair of two, where one is shaped like the female, and the other as the male. When brought together, the cases fit in to get into a lip lock that would describe the love of their […]

iPhone Addon Lets You Send Scent With Your Messages

ChatPerf Scentee addon for iPhones adds another dimension to texting, allowing users to send a scent to go along their messages. It’s use could of course be extended to situations where you receive notifications on your phone, or for reminders. The technology of course, is still growing and the palate of the device is extremely […]

Domino Effect on 10,000 iPhones [video]

Folks at Aatma Studios answered the nagging question that everyone had in their mind; how well do iPhones work as dominoes? The digital production studio used some of its digital wizardry to create the 10,000 iPhone 5 Domino. It has been basically developed as a third party spec ad for the iPhone 5 with NFC […]

Everlasting Bubble Wrap iPhone Case

The two great time killers have finally been combined into one. Well, okay the iPhone might be a phone, but it is fairly established as something that can help you to while away time without using the basic functions of a phone. And keeping it company is the eternal bliss of bursting bubble wrap.

Iron Man Mark VII iPhone Case

We blame the universe that we have not been keeping tabs on the sometimes quirky, sometimes awesome products that come through Brando. This one right here is an Iron Man Mark VII iPhone 5 case that comes with an impressive finish, LED arc reactor, and a removable camera flap. The case is currently available for […]

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