Dangerous Videogame Characters Become Adorable

In a new set of prints by artist Joe Spiotto, kickass video game characters continue to take the path of cute. Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, or Half-Life 2 get the cute treatment in this set. Individual prints available for $20, the set is priced at $50.

Legend of Zelda Stained Glass Style Wall Decals

Mimicking the look of stained glass, these wall decals present scenes from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Each decal is priced at $37.

Spiked Bowser Hoodie

Playing Bowser is fine, and this hoodie helps you play it right. It includes the spiked shell on the back and orange mohawk and horns up the hood to complete the look. Oh, and there’s the spiked tail as well. Wear this one to a party and watch princess Peach run away in terror. Bowser […]

Piano Modded To Be the Controller of Doom

Doom, the grandfather of first person shooters is quite a favorite with modders who have made the game run with devices as unlikely as graphing calculators. For the latest, the game has been modded to be controlled through an old piano. It’s not much of a musical affair, but seeing a piano control the game […]

Tentacles of Grand Theft Auto Spread Into Other Franchises

Grand Theft Auto V is the biggest gaming and tech industry news at the moment. Here’s what things would be if the game decided to expand into other franchises.

Boo From Mario Dresses Up As Other Characters

When it comes wearing a costume, Boo from Super Mario has it either super easy, or extremely difficult. A middle path does not exist for the poor guy. Probably because a lack of body parts given a circle-ish shape, or the fact that he is a ghost. These illustrations are the work of Andrew Wilson.

Heroes and Villains

Comic book, animation, video game and movie characters get a representation in this set of illustrations by Australian artist Josip Kelava. The artist believes there’s good and bad in all of us, and these illustrations put the villains in no less of a position than the heroes they portray. Prints available on Society6.

Man Makes Super Mario Bros. Themed ‘Interactive’ Room For Daughter

Reddit user carpenter75‘s daughter wanted a Super Mario Bros. themed room. So the hardworking dad got to work, putting things together to convert the room into a Mario World recreation. Apart from the decals and paint covering the walls, the room includes Mario themed bedding, fabric storage boxes, window blinds, and a canvas “start screen”.

Classic Cartoon and Video Game Characters Get Sorted Into Game of Thrones Houses

Alternative Game of Thrones houses by Fabio Di Corleto is one of the best Game of Thrones we have seen. And we have seen a lot. We especially like the different style and the creative touch, which is what sets it apart.

Fan-made Game of Thrones 8-bit Game is Fun, Free to Play

As fun time killers go, this fan-made Game of Throne 8-bit style game is what you should be looking for. Created by Spanish comic artist Abel Alves, the game is much like the good old games of the era gone by. It won’t really tell you the story of the series, but what it will […]