Zelda Fan Film’s Got Promise [video]

Hylian Heroics: The Lost Woods is a fan made webseries inspired by the Legend of Zelda. The one above is episode two, hit ahead for the first episode, following the first that came out a couple of years ago. Via cnet

More People You See at Nerd Conventions

Continuing their list of people you see at nerd conventions, Dorkly has come up with one more.

Game of Thrones Characters as Gaming Consoles

Apparently, if you think deeply enough and look for characteristics, you will find that Game of Thrones characters and gaming consoles have a whole lot in common. Pairings by Gold_Skulltulla show just how close Game of Thrones is to the world of gaming consoles.

Morgan Freeman Narrating Grand Theft Auto [video]

Here’s Morgan Freeman narrating the tale of Franklin’s vacation in GTA V.

A Time-Lapse Shot Entirely Inside the GTA Universe [video]

A testament to great in-game graphics, this time lapse was entirely captured in Grand Theft Auto V. The attention to detail is fantastic, going from the motion of wind to the movement to the movement of clouds, or for that matter for people and traffic as well. via

Street Fighter and Plants Vs Zombies Mashup [video]

The zombies never stood a chance. Not in their wildest dreams. via

Grand Theft Auto Parody for ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ [video]

Parodying the famous Dumb Ways to Die PSA, this video by gamer and musician BrySi puts the dumb ways to die twist for GTA V.

Evolution of Link’s Shield and Sword

Over time and through numerous games, consoles and advances in game technology, Link’s shield has gone through several changes. What started as a little brown box has now become a well detailed and fairly decorated shield with elaborate illustrations on it. Same could be said of the sword, which went from a pixilated brown box […]

Stained Glass Halo Master Chief

You aren’t doing it right unless you’ve got a window covered in Halo Master Chief stained glass. No, not the peasant style prints, the real deal stained glass. This was handmade out of 200 pieces of stained glass and is priced at $3900. via

Steam Announces the Steam Controller

Hot on heels of announcing the Steam OS, Valve has announced the Steam Controller. The new device redesigns the classic controller, with a new look and style. Designed to work with all games that have ever been on Steam, or will be released in the future, the controller has two trackpads and a touchscreen in […]