Time Lapse Image From Space Shows A ‘Breathing’ Earth

Had our Earth been one giant living organism, it would breathe, probably something like once a year to maintain its behemoth size. If you would allow for changes in seasons and corresponding change in vegetation and appearance a view, you might find something like a breathing planet, like these images show. The image was created […]

Bane Mask-like Suit Will Feed You a Steady Diet of Algae

In the future, humans will apparently be up to some weird shit. So, not really much different than what we have been doing all along. What it does seem is that humans will become a race of very hardworking individuals, who wouldn’t have time to sit down for a meal, but would rather chow on […]

Praying Mantis Rides a Frog, Crosses Pond [pic]

Words cannot do justice to an image like this, so we’ll stick to the basics. The image captured by photographer Nordin Seruyan, shows a praying mantis riding a frog across a pond. According to the photographer, the pond crossing took 10 minutes, at the end of which the mantis safely reached the other side. The […]

Beer Can House

A house in Houston, Texas not just has its dwellers making good use of beer, but the house itself is quite a connoisseur of beer cans. It was once owned by John Milkovisch, who having been brought up during the great depression had a couple quirks, one of them being a reluctance to throw things […]

Photographing an Underwater River

Underwater river? As much of an oxymoron it may sound, something like an “underwater river” can really exist. It’s an illusion, but allow these images to do the idea justice as they present the underwater river very much like it should be. Photographed by Anatoly Beloshchin, the river called Cenote Angelita or “Little Angel” exists […]

Phone Battery Running Low? Piss On The Sucker

Phone batteries have a bad habit of dying when you need them the most. Presumably, researchers at two British Universities were so pissed by the bad habit of phone batteries, they decided to charge them up with pee. Bristol Robotics Laboratory, a collaboration between University of Bristol and University of the West of England to […]

Car Solar Charging Pavilion Made Sexy

Whoever said solar power can’t be sexy, would be wrong, very wrong as this Pure Tension Pavilion in Rome shows. Granted, it could have a better name, but lets stick to the form and function. Made by agency SDA for Volvo Italy, the pavilion shows the hybrid V60 harbored under a sweet looking pavilion. It’s […]

Glowing Caves of New Zealand

Caves are not places you would expect to be shiny and glittery, but then nature has a way of throwing curveballs and once in a while doing things that are way past imagination. Waitomo region of New Zealand has a labyrinth of caves that have been sculpted by natural forces for about 30 million years […]

European Aerospace Thinking of a Turbine Powered Chevy Volt-like Airplane

European aerospace consortium EADS has a new idea for the future, an airplane that is less noisy and has cleaner emissions. The future here, is talking about 2050 though. E-Thrust is a collaboration between EADS Innovation Works program and engine manufacturer Rolls Royce. Working quite like some hybrid cars, the basic idea is to have […]

The Beautiful City of Dreams Sculpture Looks Through Our Cold Metropolises

In the modern world of urbanization, our cities grow fast, big and spectacular. All is not well with this view though, as Chinese sculptor Hu Shaoming likes to show with these beautiful sculptures. City of Dreams is a reminder that as our cities develop, they go far from the natural order and indeed destroy ecology […]