Photographing the Glowy Life at the Bottom of the Ocean

Working near the Philippines and Thailand, British scuba diver and diving instructor Alex Tyrrell had plenty of opportunity to capture photographs of ocean life in a way that is a rare sight. Seen under normal light, these creatures would perhaps not command so much attention, but presented with filters, they look stunningly out of the […]

This is What Greenland Would Look Like if it Weren’t Buried Under Ice

Here’s a topographic map that shows what Greenland would look like if it weren’t buried under a sheet of ice. This map comes as a result of a study led by geographer Jonathan Bamber. The study mapped an enormous valley in the middle of Greenland. The chasm is 2600 feet deep and 8 miles wide, […]

This Soothing Green Wall For Homes Should Most Certainly Not Be An Exception

Ideas of green wall and vertical gardens have been floating around for quite a while, and while we enjoy those ideas, this one just took us with a pleasant surprise. Hideo Kumaki Architect Office came up with this idea for the Green Screen House, located in Saitama, Japan.

Close up Shots Show A Good Look at Honey Bees

The world hosts about 20,000 species of bees, out of which 4000 can be found in North America. The US Geological Survey’s Bee Inventory and Monitoring program spent 10 years capturing photographs of the insects and documenting them in great detail.

Odd Lamps Made From Vintage and Antique Objects

Here at Randommization, we love nothing more than doses of serendipity, and these lamps seem so random at the first glance, they’re just right up our alley. Atlanta based artist Roger Thomas created this set of lamps using upcycled vintage appliances and various other items he found. Built quite imaginatively or with a seemingly eccentric […]

Time Lapse Image From Space Shows A ‘Breathing’ Earth

Had our Earth been one giant living organism, it would breathe, probably something like once a year to maintain its behemoth size. If you would allow for changes in seasons and corresponding change in vegetation and appearance a view, you might find something like a breathing planet, like these images show. The image was created […]

Bane Mask-like Suit Will Feed You a Steady Diet of Algae

In the future, humans will apparently be up to some weird shit. So, not really much different than what we have been doing all along. What it does seem is that humans will become a race of very hardworking individuals, who wouldn’t have time to sit down for a meal, but would rather chow on […]

Praying Mantis Rides a Frog, Crosses Pond [pic]

Words cannot do justice to an image like this, so we’ll stick to the basics. The image captured by photographer Nordin Seruyan, shows a praying mantis riding a frog across a pond. According to the photographer, the pond crossing took 10 minutes, at the end of which the mantis safely reached the other side. The […]

Beer Can House

A house in Houston, Texas not just has its dwellers making good use of beer, but the house itself is quite a connoisseur of beer cans. It was once owned by John Milkovisch, who having been brought up during the great depression had a couple quirks, one of them being a reluctance to throw things […]

Photographing an Underwater River

Underwater river? As much of an oxymoron it may sound, something like an “underwater river” can really exist. It’s an illusion, but allow these images to do the idea justice as they present the underwater river very much like it should be. Photographed by Anatoly Beloshchin, the river called Cenote Angelita or “Little Angel” exists […]