‘Evil’ African Lake Turns Animals Near it to Stone

Lake Natron in north Tanzania is quickly gaining infamy as the lake that turns creatures close to it into stone. Documented by photographer Nick Brandt, the eerie lake is housed in very extreme conditions. Temperatures in the lake can reach as high as 60 °C (140 °F) and its high soda and salt content gives it a pH in the range of 9 to 10.5, making it very alkaline.

Golden Eagle Hunts Down a Deer [images]

Golden Eagles are quite the prolific hunters. We have already seen them try to take away a toddler, take down wolves, but that was done with the aid of humans who probably help tire the wolf out before the eagle went for a swoop. As it turns out, even in the wild, golden eagles are not averse to attacking prey much larger than themselves, and they’re often successful. A wildlife camera set up in a remote region of Siberia shows just how dangerous an eagle can be.

Photographing the Glowy Life at the Bottom of the Ocean

Working near the Philippines and Thailand, British scuba diver and diving instructor Alex Tyrrell had plenty of opportunity to capture photographs of ocean life in a way that is a rare sight. Seen under normal light, these creatures would perhaps not command so much attention, but presented with filters, they look stunningly out of the world.

This is What Greenland Would Look Like if it Weren’t Buried Under Ice

Here’s a topographic map that shows what Greenland would look like if it weren’t buried under a sheet of ice. This map comes as a result of a study led by geographer Jonathan Bamber. The study mapped an enormous valley in the middle of Greenland. The chasm is 2600 feet deep and 8 miles wide, plus covering 460 miles, it is the largest known canyon in the world. This would have been carved by flowing water millions of years ago. Especially, since it has been under layers of ice for the past 1.8 million years.

Via Yahoo, @Amazing_Maps, Neatorama

Odd Lamps Made From Vintage and Antique Objects

Here at Randommization, we love nothing more than doses of serendipity, and these lamps seem so random at the first glance, they’re just right up our alley. Atlanta based artist Roger Thomas created this set of lamps using upcycled vintage appliances and various other items he found. Built quite imaginatively or with a seemingly eccentric flair, these lamps don’t fail in developing interest. Available from the artist’s Etsy shop.

Time Lapse Image From Space Shows A ‘Breathing’ Earth

Had our Earth been one giant living organism, it would breathe, probably something like once a year to maintain its behemoth size. If you would allow for changes in seasons and corresponding change in vegetation and appearance a view, you might find something like a breathing planet, like these images show. The image was created by John Nelson of IDV Solutions. He downloaded cloud free satellite images of the planet for every month, and let them loose in a gif animation that we see here, and in which it appears our beloved planet does breathe.