Man Makes Zelda Ocarina Controlled Home Automation System

Once Zelda: Breath of the Wild out on the Nintendo Switch, this dude decided it was time to automate his home. The system is based off the ocarina from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Allen Pan used an internet connected Raspberry Pi, connected to different gadgets for his home automation system.

Playing Zelda’s Lullaby locks/unlocks the door, Sun’s Song toggles lights, Bolero of Fire turns on heat, Song of Storms controls the humidifier, and so on. He can even play a tune to unlock his car!

Philosophical Side of Zelda [comic]

If you get philosophical, you would find a meaning deep beneath the labyrinth of Zelda, well of course, depending on how you’re looking at things. The comic is the work of Zac Gorman. Via Gamefreaks, NerdApproved

The Official Legend of Zelda Timeline

Nintendo has released the Zelda timeline as part of a Japanese 25th anniversary artbook. It does have three parallel universes in the end. This image does a great job at translating the text of the book into an image based timeline of the franchise. Via ToplessRobot

Zelda Sword Themed USB Flash Drive

This seriously is one of the coolest flash drives we’ve ever seen. Zelda sword to protect data? F*ck yeah! These sword flash drives are custom made in various memory sizes ranging from 4GB to 32 GB and are sold at Etsy shop zantaff. Via thisiswhyimbroke

Nintendo Launching Zelda Themed 3DS

Nintendo is touching up the 3DS in a new limited edition version inspired by Zelda. The black Nintendo 3DS with gold trimmings will be out on November 25 and it appears will only be available for the European market. Well yes, it is a very subtle touch but one that suits the device anyway.

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