Gears of War 3 Calibur11 Vault for the Xbox 360

Those who enjoy the Xbox 360 Slim and Gears of War 3, would also enjoy a gander at this unusual Gears of War 3 Calibur11 Vault. Made specifically for the console, the vault has a “Bleed Out” color scheme with an LED illuminated Omen on the side. The vault is easy on the console, going …

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Xbox with red ring of death faces firing squad

Facing bullets was probably the last thing this Xbox 360 plagued with the red ring of death hoped for. Since it wasn’t much good anyway, students at a local college near Kansas City decided to end their semester by putting the console in front of a firing squad. We guess it’s a great pleasure to shoot out the Xbox with the feared and hated red ring.

Via: Kotaku

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Limited Edition Halo Xbox 360 console is a blast

The millionth Xbox 360 console to be sold in Australia and New Zealand would appear as a special achievement for Microsoft, and the console does reflect the sentiment. Being auctioned for charity, this console was created by Richard Taylor and the Weta Workshop, and it shows Master Chief blowing the innards off the console. Proceeds from the eBay auction will go to David Peachey Foundation, and Microsoft will match the winning bid with up to $10,000 for the donation.

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XCM Adds Color To The Xbox 360

XCM has given a new look to the Xbox 360, by making its exterior transparent and its interiors shining with light. The XCM Black Light Chameleon case gives the Xbox a black cover with a window on the side. The innards of the console are illuminated by LEDs that are available in seven different colors. …

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Rumor: Hulu To Get Integration With Xbox 360

If rumors are to be believed,Hulu’s streaming services will find their way to the Xbox 360 soon. Microsoft recently announced a deal with Sky Player in Europe, and Hulu’s services may very well be the equivalent offered in USA. Unavailability of Hulu on flexible platforms also gives strength to these rumors. Via: SlashGear