Creepy, Disturbing Baby Pets Are a Combination Modified Baby and Pet

From the deepest recesses of crazy, comes the disturbing idea of combining human and animal DNA to create pets that are also babies! Chinese designer Lingxizhu Meng apparently thought that babies are a waste of time, lets get pets instead. That’s a very good idea, except then she decided that the pets also needed to be human, so a bit of human DNA was thrown in to create hideous creatures that are half human, half animal. Kind of like Minotaur, only a gazillion times more crazy and a gazillion times less awesome.

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Be Good Parents, Put Your Newborns in Prison Suit Onesies

We are not even going to pretend what this shit is about. Mainly, because we can’t make out if this should be funny or cheeky and ridiculous. The “9 Months On The Inside” wording is funny, but a prison suit onesie for a toddler sounds just wrong. Costs $30. Via TrendHunter

Ludicrous Vintage Ads Tell You All the (Wrong) Benefits of Smoking

Smoking is bad today, but when it was at its height, it was even worse. For a long time, we did not understand the health hazards of smoking and it was advertised as something cool, awesome, beneficial and even healthy! Even when the bad effects of smoking were better understood, it took quite a while before the claims of health could be fully removed from advertising. Hell, they even got a US President to endorse cigarettes!

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WTF Desk Button Lets Loose Your Emotions

There comes a time in life when shouting WTF just doesn’t cut it. It is at times like these when you look around to see the big red button on your desk and hit it to release your thoughts. The button is programmed with 10 rage conducive WTF phrases that it plays on being hit, …

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In Epic Fail, News Channel Broadcasts Ridiculous Names of Asiana Airlines Pilots

In a magnificent display of journalism, a TV channel in California broadcast these names for the pilots of the Asiana Airlines plane crash at the San Francisco International Airport. I was a bit skeptical of the authenticity of the video, mainly because nobody can be this stupid, but apparently it is legit. The news channel has issued an apology for the error. Videos after the jump.

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‘Living’ Food Wriggles Around In Your Plate, and Your Mouth

As a rule, we’re not fond of any edible that can be seen wriggling on the plate, much less something that has the gall to wriggle in the mouth as well. Thankfully, and as something of a saving grace, while designed to behave like living beings, this happens to be not really living. It works on the idea of synthetic biotech, where artificial life finds a way in organic forms.

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Pac-man Beard

Kudos to questionable sense and what looks like some glitter or color to make hair shine, this dude sports a Pac-man beard, which would look pretty weird if the Pacman outline had not been drawn to explicitly nudge us into that direction. Via Uberhumor, Geekologie

Dogs Shaved and Colored Into Different Characters and Animals

For reasons that we would never be able to understand, people have converted their pet dogs into various characters and animals. Looks like a fair amount of shaving and coloring went into the process, and while the dogs may not necessarily have been hurt, they probably would be fine without this treatment. The imges are from photographer Ren Netherland, who captured them at various dog grooming competitions.

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