Images From World War II In Color

These images captured during the World War II were shot by the War Department in Kodachrome film, and showed the trucks, planes and machines that were being prepared for the war effort. Gorgeous as Kodachrome might have been, it does not really bring out the colors as the modern day viewer is used to see. Shorpy added a modern touch of color to these images, giving them a more modern day appeal, and giving them a suitable style for the modern generation.


Star Wars in World War II: The Nazi Darth

Custom action figures created by Jonathan Kuriscak tell a story of their own. A crafter-collector of figures, Kurisack made the Nazi Darth Vader in all black, except the helmet and the red armband. Darth also sports a “mechanical” look. Stormtroopers gave up their traditional whites in favor of black for the series, in an attempt to live up to their WWII Nazi setting.

Via: Wired