Batman and Wonder Woman Costume Backpacks

There are backpacks and there are super cool backpacks, like the ones that double time as costumes. It’s just a coincidence that we happen to be talking of costume backpacks. Batman and Wonder Woman backpacks include chest and waist straps showing off the emblems of the two superheroes, though the Batman waist strap includes the utility belt plus, the bag itself comes along with cloth wings. Wonder woman on the other hand, gets puffy shoulder pads.

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Wonder Woman Shorts With Garters

We’ve always maintained that geek sexy is the best kind of sexy. Though to be honest, we’d take any kind of sexy that comes our way. These bright Wonder Woman shorts with garters look just the type of bright and cool you could be looking for. Costs $8. via

Wonder Woman Apron

It happens to be our humble opinion that getting to work in a kitchen requires super powers and delicious meals are proof of the world saving superpowers of the kitchen. So it would be kind of appropriate for the kitchen warrior to wear the apron that makes them look like the best known Amazon. The …

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Wonder Woman finally gets to wear pants, after 69 years

After being around for 69 years in her swimsuit-like costume, Wonder Woman is finally going to wear pants. We guess she’d be happy getting a new pair of clothes after all these years. The change will come along with the issue number 600 of Wonder Woman’s monthly series, but it’s not just the clothes that have changed.

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