Wolverine’s Costume Changes Over the Years

Wolverine has been around some 40 years, and in that time he has achieved quite some fame, plus a huge wardrobe, like comic book heroes are prone to have. Wolverine seems to have played around with colors and styles quite a bit, without having to turn to an alternative universe. That ought to get him some points.

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Blacksmith Makes Real Wolverine Claws

An accomplished blacksmith, Tony Swatton has created weapons and props for several movies and shows. In his free time however, he likes to do some projects by himself. In this case for example, we see him crafting a very real life version of wolverine claws. Since adamantium isn’t quite available in our universe, or mutants who can have claws made of that element, so he’s using tampered steel for wolverine claws. Who makes wolverine claws for the movies? They’re CGI.

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Mickey Meets Wolverine in Fan Art

A mouse that walks upright, speaks, wear clothes. Well, we would call that a mutant, but the cute mouse doesn’t quite fit the bill with the X-Men. But that most likely was before Mickey Mouse met Wolverine in this piece of fan art, WolverMickey by GraphicGeek. Via Neatorama

How to become Wolverine (on a budget)

Wolverine is badass. And us normal humans don’t need to undergo mutations or have our bodies pumped full of admantium. All we need is this easy guide from Rafael Bastos. Via: RampagedReality