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Books as weapons: Book guns

This is where I go all philosophical about the pen being mightier than the sword, and how books can be more powerful than a stash of weapons. Artist Robert The carves guns out of books, alluring to the most powerful “weapons” ever created.

Via: Formatmag, SpaceSinkhole


Supergun comes equipped with guns, sword, kegs and a bong

It is about as dangerous and fun a weapon can get. Benita, this 30-feet supergun comes equipped with smaller weapons, a sword, kegs and a bong. A warrior with that amount of fearsome warfare on hand, definitely deserves to chill out with some beer and a bong. Also, weed brings out the best in warriors. The gun is the work of artist Michael Rea.

Via: BeautifulDecay, PSFK


Paper weapons that can bring about mayhem

A few days back, we saw and appreciated nautical buoy shaped lamps by designers PostlerFerguson. The portfolio of the designers is all full of creative and imaginative work, quite like the paper weapons posted here. Images are from various weapons the designers created out of paper. Though these are made from paper, the level of detail for the components is surprizing. Given the detail, the weapons may as well have been made from metal.


Kit converts a pistol into a rifle

This weapon conversion kit from HERA can apparently convert a pistol into a rifle. Or at least that is what we’ll have to assume, given the lack of description on the product website.

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When guitars are weapons

Playing guitars shaped like weapons, you’d be something like… I don’t know a superhero or super-villain who attacks with music and does the finishing move with his guitar weapon. Actually, forget that part, you’d just be some guy with a weird-shaped guitar.

Via: Violent Guitars, Velvet Rocket, TrendHunter