Gun From Call of Duty: Ghosts Gets a Lego Replica

The gun in the video is a 9mm MP-443 Grach, used quite commonly in the game Call of Duty: Ghosts. Now this is a scale replica of the Russian made semi-automatic weapon, built all in Lego. The detailing itself is masterful, with several elements taken care of. What sets it apart is that the gun …

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Fantasy Master Skull Knuckle Knife

A cross between a knuckle and a knife, the Fantasy Master Skull Knuckle Knife is meant to be your flamboyant defense tool, which is probably why it sports a fair amount of cosmetic touches. Costs $10.50.

Military Issue Rifles for Countries of the World

This map shows the primary assault rifles that armies around the world use. As you could guess, the AK-47 and its variants have much of the world covered, and then there are other names like the M4s and the M16s. Of course, more weapons than these are used, though those represented on the map can …

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Disarm Mechanical Orchestra is Built From Decommissioned Weapons

Disarm by Pedro Reyes is a mechanized orchestra made from decommissioned weapons. Reyes is not stranger in converting weapons to musical instruments, having completed a fair number of such projects in the past. In all, Disarm consists of eight musical instruments that were built in collaboration with artists, musicians and Cocolab media studio in Mexico City. Weapons for the orchestra were sourced from rifles, pistols, and shotguns seized from drug cartels by the Mexican army.

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This Man’s Mailbox is a Giant .44 Magnum

People delivering mail to this house in New Jersey have to stare down the barrel of a behemoth gun. Built as a replica of the Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum, the mailbox weighs 350 pounds for the gun and 1200 pounds for the base. The gun is made out of wood, and the barrel is crafted from 8-inch PVC pipes.

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The End is Nigh! Device Allows Flies to Aim a Revolver

In a world where we prepare for wars with zombies and our future robot overlords, we have committed the huge mistake of ignoring something like the housefly. Fly Revolver by David Bowen shows just how big of a mistake overlooking flies as future weaponised adversaries can be. The flies live inside an acrylic sphere with a target backdrop. Movements of flies and their interactions are captured by a video camera that then feeds it to control circuits, which eventually end up controlling where the revolver aims.

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Tiny Pistols That Were Built Into Jailers’ Keys

Back in the good old days, turnkeys and jailers in prison did not walk around weapon free like they do in modern prisons. Opening the cell door was usually a two man job, and mischief from the inmates could often be expected at such moments. One of the solutions they employed was to have the key itself work as a gun. The tiny gun wouldn’t do huge damage, but it would get them enough time to thwart plans of the imprisoned.

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