Building A Waffle With Blocks

Building Block Waffle Maker

Not playing with your food is so overrated! Especially, when you can make your food as interlocking building blocks that are super delicious. They aren’t Lego, but hey, these waffle interlocking blocks are the best thing since… well, waffles!

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Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker

In this day and age, it would be criminal for some brand conscious, fashionable person to be caught dead with something that does not have a coveted brand label. Okay, we extrapolated there a bit, but look at this sweet waffle iron with Louis Vuitton prints. Who doesn’t want that? The waffle maker is the …

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Typewriter comes back to life as waffle iron

The only thing left in the life of this old Typewriter would be to lie in a corner and rust. Thankfully for the typewriter, artist Chris Dimino brought it out of retirement, and put it to work as a waffle iron. The Corono Matic now rolls out keyboard-shaped waffles, which we guess makes everyone happy. …

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