Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka

Since smoking isn’t all that hot these days, and those who like the tobacco flavor are left high and dry. The increase of flavored vodka on the other hand means there is still hope for those who simply enjoy the flavor. Netherlands based company Ivanabitch has come up with two flavors, Tobacco version and Menthol-Tobacco …

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Kellogg’s Pop Tarts Flavored Vodka

Kellogg’s decided breakfast needs a companion that can be loved, and very rightly came up with this pop-tarts flavored vodka. Sadly, this is just an April Fool’s post that suddenly came to life and started doing rounds again, and fooling people even though the season is over. Kellogg’s really should think about the alcohol for …

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Vodka

Van Gogh Vodka wants to tickle your taste buds with the flavor of Peanut Butter & Jelly in vodka. That sounds like a very intelligent combination, and one we would definitely try. If that doesn’t work, we can always burn our mouth to get rid of the flavor. Via IT

Naga Chilli Vodka Will Turn Humans Into Dragons in One Sip

A lot of people love to brag after a night of drinks. We’d like to see them brag after a couple of shots of the Naga Chilli Vodka. Well, they probably would, but most would be breathing fire like a dragon from the moment the vodka touches their lips. The vodka has been rated at a 100,000 Scovilles.

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Red Army Kalaschnikow Vodka

Red Army Kalaschnikow Vodka is marketed straight at gun enthusiasts. The green wooden ammunition box holds a glass replica of the Kalashnikov assault rifle filled with 1 liter of vodka. Accompanying the gun in the box is a hand-grenade shaped flask filled with fine herbal liqueur, six shot glasses and four bullet shaped cans of …

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