Vending machine bakes fresh bread for you

When it comes to delivering “fresh” this vending machine goes beyond most shops in the world. Vizualized by noted chef David Lebovitz, the machine can be operated like any other. The user puts in a coin, and the machine sets off to work. Only in this case, it spends one minute baking the bread and …

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Vending machine sells wigs for dogs

People like to dress up their pets, sometimes in weird ways, and apparently, sometimes with wigs. A vending machine near a pet shop in Japan is selling wigs for dogs. Dressing up the dog like Elvis just got way easier. Via: JapanTrends

Vending machine in Japan scans and stereotypes users, suggests beverages

A new breed of vending machines in Japan will not simply dispense drinks, but will alo scan users, suggesting beverages the machine finds suitable for their gender and age. The 47-inch touchscreen comes embedded with sensors, who can “identify” customers and then make appropriate suggestions. This is the kind of creepy technology that will very …

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