Potatoes Want Their Rights In Peter Pink’s Very Edible World of Humor

Installations by artist Peter Pink show veggies in quite a world. It seems to be quite a world, except to the potatoes who have quite a long list of demands, the pink eyeglass wearing cucumbers who seem to be ruthless enforcers, and bananas and other edibles who apparently just don’t care. Some of these are made for fun, some carry messages and comments on current events. In any case, the humor stays, and so do the potatoes. Well, mostly. The Berlin based artist often describes himself as a “nonsense-maker.” Well, if this is nonsense, we don’t want any sense to ruin the humor.

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If you are what you eat, you should probably avoid all those veggies. I mean celery for heart and potatoes for intestines isn’t really the way to go, as good as they might look in this anatomical model by artist Andrew Kreps. Via Neatorama

We Always Knew They Were Up To No Good: Vegetable Weapons

As a kid, I always knew there was something wrong with vegetables; kids being super intelligent and all that stuff. Turns out, I was right. Japanese photographer Tsuyoshi Ozawa has an entire photographic series dedicated to deadly weapons made out of vegetables. The photographer has traveled the world, capturing these images. Some might say the selection of these vegetable weapons are a recipe for indigenous dishes of the region people holding them are from, we know those things could be deadly in the hands of a trained cook.

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