Rifle styled umbrella

Life’s a battle that gets worse on a rainy day. Well, be prepared for a fight with this rifle styled umbrella. It is not going to shoot anything, but it is going to look a hell lot of cool, quite like the samurai sword umbrella. Available at Brando. Via: GadgetSin

Star Destroyer Umbrella? Check.

There’s a ton of Star Wars merchandise floating around, but what’s been missing in action is an umbrella. It’s about time umbrellas got some force to fight off the rain. And no, we aren’t just talking about any conventional umbrella, but the Star Destroyer umbrella that shall fight the rain to keep us dry. Actually, …

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Rain Drum Umbrella changes rain to music

It is like getting close to the sound of nature, only this one is with the added funk of drums. A concept from designer Dong Min Park, the Rain Drum Umbrella five wax cloth shades of different elasticity that double up as drums played by the rain. The five shades help the umbrella cover a …

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