Air Umbrella projects a ‘Force Field’ to keep you dry in the rain

air umbrella

Ever since the umbrella first showed up, it has had the same basic appearance. A stick to hold it, and a cloth or some other material up top to stop the rain. All that is about to change if the Air Umbrella goes through. In essence, it is still the same principle, as in you hold a stick, and stay under a surface that protects you from the rain. Except, here the protecting surface would be air, not the usual fabric that we are used to.

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Umbrella With Coffee Cup Holder

Morella umbrella attachment makes pretty good sense. Raining doesn’t mean I have to forego my coffee, or get both hands full. Morella adds cup holders to the umbrella so you could set your coffee safely and use the free hand to use the phone, or just say hello to someone.

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Helmet Shaped Umbrella Hopes to Make Things Easier

It’s raining, everybody has their umbrellas out, and well it’s trouble. People bumping umbrellas, umbrellas dripping on passersby, poking people in the eyes, and if not all that, umbrellas blowing inside out. It’s a mess. And I just realized this would make good infomercial stuff. Infomericals however, weren’t on the mind of Stephen Collier of Hospitality Umbrellas when he designed the helmet-like Rainshader umbrellas.

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This Umbrella Does Not Need Any Fabric

Dyson Airblow 2050 is a concept umbrella by industrial design student Quentin Debaene. Most of us aren’t really big fans of umbrellas because they’re trouble to carry, trouble to walk with in a crowd, and numerous such things. Yet, we have put up with the bullshit of umbrellas for a very long time, mostly because they keep us safe from the rain, and well, sometimes they’re good in the sun too.

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Lightsaber Umbrella is the Only Correct Answer

Because the only correct way to deal with the rain, is to fight it with something as formidable as a lightsaber. It has been crafted in the way of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber and we assume it looks pretty damn good on the shoulder carrying it. Costs $40.

Oh look. It’s the Dogbrella!

Taking the dog out for a walk in the rain is trouble. Even if you somehow manage to stay dry, the dog wouldn’t and will promptly move to wet the whole place as soon as you reach home. The Dogbrella isn’t going to magically improve things, but al least it will keep the pooch relatively …

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