Flag Concepts Imagine the Union Jack Without Scotland

Scotland is headed towards a referendum that will decide if the country will part ways with the UK. The Flag Institute, and independent charity dedicated to the study of flags asked members to design new versions of Union Jack that represent Scotland’s independence.


86,000 Square Miles of Britain Recreated in Minecraft

Just another wonder coming out of Minecraft, someone has managed to recreate 86,000 square miles of Great Britain in geographic detail. Joseph Braybrook spent a fortnight of creating Great Britain in the virtual world. To get the details right, he used Ordnance Survey terrain data for an accurate construction. It contains about 22 billion Minecraft blocks, and has been made available as a free file for those who wish to follow the example.

Via VG247, Engadget

Featured lego

History of Britain Told in Lego Models

Spitfire and pilot from the Battle of Britain, 1940.

Master Lego builder James Pegrum is telling Britain’s long history in brief with Lego models to mark important events. The set starts from the construction of the Stonehenge at around 2500 BC, and goes on to Margaret Thatcher’s first day at 10 Downing Street. Hit ahead for a quick lesson in British history, told the way only Lego can tell.


Night time images of the UK captured from the ISS

These images captured by Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoili aboard the International Space Station show the UK in a whole new light. It is enchanting to see how the isles look at night, and how well the cities shine through.

Via DailyMail