Animating the alphabet

New York based Italian designer Alessandro Novelli/N9ve created this video, animating alphabets, where each alphabet represents the start of a font name. A treat for typography as well.

Star Wars characters created with fonts

Fabien Glez has created with the force of typography, er… fonts. The characters have been created using a selection of fonts, and named accordingly, resulting in a Star Wars-typography mash up, with characters like Font Vader, C3typo, R2typo, SansTrooper and Boba Font. Via: MyModernMet

Artist draws textiles, shapes them like the alphabet

Artist Stuart Whitton‘s work is quite intriguing, he created these drawings that have an appearance of objects like clothes, textiles and fabric, but shapes them into the English alphabet. We kind of like this pencil-drawn textile typography, or whatever it may be called. Via: Zupi, DYT

Categories Art

Typographic Maps

Axis Maps has come up with a set of typographic maps, allowing you to look at the detail of a city as only typography can provide. Poster-sized prints of said maps can be bought for $30. Via: Design-Milk

Custom designed typography from wood: Nuzzles

Nuzzles are custom designed wooden typographic puzzles. Not as much of a puzzle as interlocking alphabets, but they sure do look cool. Fashioned from a single bock of wood, Nuzzles are handcrafted by John Christenson. Via: swissmiss