Each of these alphabets is a super hero [pic]

Each alphabet in this image is represented as a superhero whose name begins with that particular alphabet. I’ll say Zorro kind of made the mark on this one. The prints of Fabian Gonzalez’s illustration can be bought cost $14. Via: RampagedReality

Alphabet chairs let your furniture speak out

The beauty of these alphabet chairs and quotation lamps combo is that you can kind of customize and personalize your living space the way you want it. Appropriately named Spell It Out! the collection from Tabisso includes chairs designed in the shape of alphabets from A through Z and numbers 0 to 9. The accompanying lamps are available in various shapes as well, with 25 symbols to choose from. That would make for some sweet customization, or just a healthy dose of typographic beauty.

Via: Trendir

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Incredible paper art typography by Jerome Corgan

Alphabets created by French artist Jerome Corgan could very much be alive. The amazingly textured letters are created with paper, and there is that lively touch somewhere in these alphabets that I can’t quite place my finger upon. Oh, and some of these “stripes” remind me of zebras… perhaps because they are black and white.

Via: Fubiz

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