Typeface Made From Bacon

Now we know what the most delicious typeface ever is, or these might be the best tasting alphabets created ever. Artist/ photographer Henry Hargreaves has created this excellent set of alphabets, all made from bacon. How do you not love something like that? Via CMYBacon

Typographic Movie Posters

Designer Jerod Gibson has come up with these super cool typographic posters of movies. The posters have a character from the movie as a silhouette that is filled with words and quotes from that particular movie. The best movies do tend to have a lot of quotes and words that continue to live the legend of the movie.

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Fluid Font by Skyrill Design

“Fluid Type” font by Skyrill Design was made from characters made using software 3D Max, these characters were then filled with “virtual fluid” to create dynamic alphabets that blend with the fluid to create an amazing font. Via designboom

Beautiful Swear Words

Beautiful Swear Words is a blog that works with beautiful typography and swear words. Theo Olesen adds one bad word to the blog everyday, written with the finest typography. Olesen draws/writes these words by hand, scans them into the computer and adds colors to them using Photoshop. Via BoingBoing, CMYBacon