LG launches huge curved 4K OLED TV

LG apparently wants to have the competition for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner), as we see from their new TV. The two televisions are not just gigantic screens, which, truth be told, nobody would bat an eye to. The impressive part is that they are both OLED screens. OLEDs can have a better display quality, showing blacker blacks, increased contrast, low flickering and blurring, and better reproduction of colors, when compared to conventional LEDs and LCDs.

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Sam and Dean and Cas… Just Supernatural Stuff

Sam, Dean and Castiel, well that’s just the stuff Supernatural legend is made of. We totally dig the illustrations inspired by the series. If Supernatural is not your thing, artist-illustrator Zerobriant has a quite a collection to show, especially so if you are a Doctor Who fan. You can get them on a variety of items, ranging from prints, and going all the way to throw-pillows. Available on RedBubble.

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Game of Thrones Season 4 [trailer #1]

The stage is all set for the fourth season of Game of Thrones. If the last year is any indication, we’ll see plenty more trailers and videos building up to April 6, when the season finally hits the screen.

Sherlock Doing TV Spoilers [video]

There are no Sherlock S3 spoilers in the animation above, but Sherlock’s habit of deducting and making a point to say it has spoilers for everything the detective and Dr. Watson watch on TV.

Sherlock Mini Episode – Series 3 Prequel

It has been two years since Sherlock’s “death” and someone isn’t quite convinced of it. Surprise, it’s not Doctor Watson. It’s just a few days for the series to start, and the mini-episode adds warmth to what we expect from the series.

Characters From Downton Abbey Painted as Cats and Dogs

Downton Abbey Characters as Cats and Dogs

Characters from the TV Show Downton Abbey have found a new home in Houndton Abbey. The series by Massachusetts-based artist and illustrator Toadbriar presents characters from the famous TV Show as cats and dogs. Paintings for the series have been done with archival materials that are supposed to last for 200 years in indoor lighting conditions. Prints available on Etsy.

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Breaking Bad Playing Cards

breaking bad playing cards

Artist Jeff Nichol has come up with a series of prints where Breaking Bad characters, most notably Walter White, take their place on a deck of playing cards. We are missing the full set, but several of the characters and references do find room on the cards. Perhaps, we might get a full deck in the near future. For now though, the Breaking Bad playing card prints would do just fine. Several of these illustrations are available as prints at the artist’s shop on Society6.

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