Tron Trailer 1982 [Video]

The video here is a trailer created for the original Tron movie. It’s been created by Chris Drew, who happens to be a fan of the movie and wanted to give it a trailer with a modern feel, as opposed to the one offered for the movie’s original release in the ’80s. A nice go …

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Time to get hold of the Tron Suit replicas

You can always bank upon UD Replicas to bring movie costumes to the masses. This time around they are offering Tron Legacy suit replicas. The entire set costs $995, but the good people that they are, UD replicas will let you buy individual parts as well. Via: UD Replicas, Gizmodo

Tron Light Cyle mouse

Razer has introduced a gaming mouse and mousepad, both inspired by the Tron movie. For added effect, the mouse includes sound effects from the movie, while the mouse mat has a tracking glow trail. The system will be available for $99. Via: Unplggd

R/C Tron Legacy Light Cycle works like the movie vehicle

Disney has some great gear in the works to go along the Tron Legacy movie. The remote controlled light cycle toy manages to do some of the great stuff as the light cycle in the movie. Defying gravity, the R/C toy manages to climb walls, and turn on walls as easily as it does on the floor. The toy uses air suction technology developed by Air Hogs to climb walls, and while this does make it a tad noisy, that would probably be a good price for a light cycle that climbs walls and throws a beam of light behind it.

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A whole lot of Tron Legacy concept art

The upcoming Tron Legacy movie apparently has a viral marketing campaign going on, allowing people to look at the awesomeness of light cycles and prepare for the movie. Here is some concept art for the movie, and it does not fail to impress. Click ahead for the image gallery.

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