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Brilliant Bicycle Powered Treehouse Elevator

Ethan Schlussler built a treehouse for himself that stands 30 feet above the ground. Climbing a ladder would be the general solution, but Ethan went the brilliant route and used his bicycle to play the elevator.


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Awesome Treehouse Theater in France

This is one of those things that deserve being called “epic”. That also takes more meaning because theater was specially built for the screening of the “making of” for the movie Epic. To go along the setting of the movie, a special theater was set up in a forest in France, raised among the trees. Now that’s how things should be done. A Treehouse theater? That’s freakin’ epic.

Design Environment

Treehouses by Takashi Kobayashi

Japanese designer Takashi Kobayashi is a self-taught master of tree house architecture. So far, he has created more than 120 treehouses throughout Japan, with the desire for the “creation of a new architectural tradition” and an idea to blur the boundaries between man and nature. A lot of help comes through his collective called Treehouse People. Since 1993, the designer and the collective have worked to create tree houses out of reclaimed wood, with the motive of construction being to avoid any stunting in the natural growth of the tree.


Coolest Kindergarten is a Circular Tree House

Everything about the design of this kindergarten spells amazing. The “Ring Around a Tree” kindergarten in Tokyo by Tezuka Architects probably is the coolest kindergarten to ever come around.

Via TreeHugger

Art Cool

Broccoli treehouse

Super cute, super creative tree house by Brock Davis.

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Hotel has a choice of treehouses for rooms

Swedish Treehotel won’t put you up in the conventional rooms you’d expect, instead you get to pick from treehouse styled rooms. Each of these tree-house rooms is equipped to suit tastes and requirement, and there’s a fine selection of rooms to choose from.

Via: YankoDesign


Giant banyan treehouse cafe in Japan

This treehouse isn’t atop a real tree, and that’s what makes it this cool, though being atop a real tree would probably have made it amazing. Anyways, the Naha Harbor Diner has been built atop this big-ass concrete banyan tree-like structure, making it alluring and what not. We couldn’t really care about the quality of food, we’d go there just to sit atop this unique structure.

Via: Inhabitat