Chevy shows Transformers special edition Camaro

Perhaps with an eye to go along the new Transformers movie, Chevrolet has released a new Transformers Special Edition Camaro. You could say its just a regular Camaro with Bumblebee style colors and racing stripes, but all those editions cost an extra $3000. Other additions include Autobot badges and a special rear spoiler, while the …

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Autobots dance to the tune of Michael Jackson [video]

Here it is, Transformers dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Autobots aren’t really good at dancing, but we’ll give them points for effort. The video was created using MikuMikuDance, a 3D app for digital choreography. Via: technabob

Chinese fan builds a Transformers robot army of his own

We’ve long had a theory that there is something that makes Transformers loved by the Chinese. Seriously, there’s the Megatron tank, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Transformer truck, and now this guy has built himself a Transformers army. Yang Junlin of Huizhou, China, gained some fame with the Megatron tank, but this guy has a lot more transforming robots in his arsenal. He has his own factory, “Legend of Iron” where Junlin and some workers build bots from scrap metal from old cars, metal sheets and steel. Checkout some of the Transformers sculptures made at Legend of Iron.

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Mega Man battles it out with Starscream [video]

Mega Man and Starscream are unlikely to ever see each other officially, but that doesn’t mean they can’t shake fists unofficially. The video shows Mega Man going up against Starscream the Boss. The stop motion video was made using Kotobukiya’s Rockman model kit. Via: Albotas, Kotaku

3D glasses get the Transformers treatment, still look dumb

A bane of 3D tech are the stupid glasses we have to wear, and so far it looks like no matter what trickery is done on those glasses, they will continue to look dumb. Hasbro and Real-D have come together to launch Transformers themed 3D glasses in time for the upcoming Transformers movie. To go …

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