Toyota FT-1 Concept Car

Toyota FT-1 concept car takes departure from the cars Toyota has recently been making. Blandness of the usual Toyota cars makes way for an aggressive, stylish look with this concept. Several regard this concept as a spiritual successor to the good old Toyota Supra, and if that really be the case, FT-1 needs to stop being a concept and get real soon.

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Lexus Flirts With Fugly In The Lexus LF-NX Crossover

Gearing up for the Frankfurt Motor Show, where everyone is dressing up, Lexus apparently decided to do something different and bring along the fugly LF-NX concept. The sharp cuts and lines and stance are purportedly meant to give the crossover an aggressive stance, only it ended up giving it a fugly look. That grille could not have been worse, and the sharp curves are excessive enough to appear like a deformation. Interiors get a futuristic-modern look with touch sensitive instrumentation and a “Remote Touch” interface that works with a touchpad.

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Toyota GRMN Hybrid Concept II

Toyota GRMN Hybrid Concept II has a sleek, weirdly attractive shape that sits very well with its polished soft top and side blades that highlight its large air intakes. The hybrid is powered by a 3.5-l V6 that works with a front electric motor to provide all wheel drive to the roadster. The hybrid powertrain delivers a total of 295 hp to keep the car powerful and moving.

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Toyota makes a roller coaster with the 2011 Prius

Toyota teamed up with engineering crew Deeplocal to create a small roller coaster from the 2011 Prius. Engineers modified the Prius to create a coaster car, and bestowed it with a 70-feet track made out of steel. The coaster car is dropped from a 10 feet high platform, where it reaches a speed of 15mph. Braking system from the car generates current at 30amps for 200 Volts, giving a total power reading of 6000 Watts. This energy is enough to light real amusement park lights and signs, and the LEDs along the track.

Via: Notcot

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Volkswagen small Vader ad parodied with a Toyota Corolla [vid]

Remember Volkswagen’s super cute commercial for the Super Bowl. Well, this is a parody of that commercial. Created by Martin Plourde, this one features a Toyota Corolla, so you know things aren’t quite going the way they went with Volkswagen. Plus, there’s a mystery greater than the force here. Via: Geeks are Sexy

Toyota iQ sweats it out like a giant optical mouse

Toyota iQ seemingly has a fetish for doing geeky things. Last year, the car created its own font, and this time around, it’s behaving like a huge optical mouse. A giant display resembling a traditional monitor was set up, and in front of the display, the iQ made movements like an optical mouse, the effect of which was seen on the screen. The iQ also drew the Toyota logo and played (and won) a game of knots and crosses. The effort is a result of the Toyota iQ ‘Nimble as a mouse’ campaign. Video after the jump.

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