Timelapse Trippy Train Trip is a Hyperdrive Through Tokyo

Hyper Drive Yurikamome takes viewers on a trippy trip through the automated Yurikamome train line that goes through Tokyo and its surroundings. Photographer darwinfish105 captured this video using the Panasonic DMC-GH3 in continuous shooting mode running at 1-second shutter speed. The images were then post processed in Adobe Premiere with added mirror effects and vertical flip to result in this stunning video.

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What Tokyo would look like 50 years from now, if humans vanished

Tokyo is one of the biggest and bustling cities on our planet. Like cities go, Tokyo is mostly human-made objects and humans, of course. Artist Tokyogenso delves into the idea of what the city would look like, if humans plain vanished from its face and everything else was left untouched. These images show Tokyo 50 years into the future, with all humans gone. Well, it would look like a cousin to the post-apocalyptic Kremlin.

Via: DeviantArt, Gizmodo

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