Faux Tatoos Ladies Tee

Want to go and get yourself covered in tattoos, but somehow don’t think it would be a good idea? Worry not ladies, for this T-shirt will take care of that for you. The tee has a print of a scantily clad feminine figure covered in tattoos all over the body. That ought to settle the tattoo cravings for a while. Costs $30.

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You Have an Absolute Right to Bear Arms

Everyone in the world has a right to bear arms. People may keep on debating the right to beer arms, and a bunch of legislation, but no one can ever go against the true right to bear arms. These tees will give you furry hairy arms minus the claws, plus presumed bragging rights about something or the other; at the very least of supporting a clever pun. The tees are up for pre-order/funding on Kickstarter.

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The Rocking Vitruvian Man Tee

Da Vinci’s famous artwork knows how to rock, and we can say the Vitruvian Man does that in anatomically correct style. Vitruvian Rock Man tee sells for $24.

Realistic Dog Tees

“Big Face Animals” t-shirt collection from The Mountain puts hyper-realistic prints of dog faces on the tees. There’s a variety of animals to choose from, and you could get these in Labrador, Rottweiler and Boxer face prints. Costs $17.

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Beard Measuring Tee Keeps a Scale

The beard measuring T-shirt keeps a scale so you know what famous beard-length of the world you are keeping. It is good to stick to the scale and keep up with the personality of the beard length. We hear apocalyptic consequences can befall if the beard scale is ever maligned. Via The Beardly, High Definite, …

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