This Dog Is A Tank [video]

We guess this dog loves being a tank, or not, but that looks cute. He can walk, he can roll, he can shoot, and he won the top prize at a dog costume contest. Via Craft, Neatorama

R/c Starcraft 2 tank made from Lego

This Starcraft themed siege tank was built by Marky Mark’s Lego Creations. The lego tank is remote controlled, has four separate motors, two actuators, can drive forward, reverse and turn corners, plus it also can change modes at the touch of a button. Yep, a pretty detailed construction. The crown jewel is of course the …

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Motorized Lego Leopard 2 tank

This Lego tank is a 1:18 scale replica of the German main battle tank, Leopard 2A4. The remote controlled tank can negotiate hurdels in its path, it has a rotating turret, self-levelling main gun and gunner’s gun counter-rotation system. Checkout the video to see the tank in action.

Via: Sariel, Brothers-Brick

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Lego tank has a big gun, moves on 48 wheels

Partly inspired by Metal Slug, and partly by his previous creations, Peer Kreuger has created this evil tank he calls Metal Grudge. He used camera cars to get action shots of the tank, which looks like it actually could blow up a few adversaries. Via: Brothers-Brick

Lego tank ‘Ogre’ is ready to wage war

Ogre is an autonomous robotic Lego tank created by Brian Davis. The plastic tank uses NXT to move, search, and destroy targets with Zamor spheres that it shoots through Hailstorm launchers. But making this powerful a machine completely autonomous isn’t a good idea, probably because it may go renegade and bring down an entire city. So, the creator added an option to manually control the tank by means of a standard PF remote.

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