You Have an Absolute Right to Bear Arms

Everyone in the world has a right to bear arms. People may keep on debating the right to beer arms, and a bunch of legislation, but no one can ever go against the true right to bear arms. These tees will give you furry hairy arms minus the claws, plus presumed bragging rights about something or the other; at the very least of supporting a clever pun. The tees are up for pre-order/funding on Kickstarter.

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No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer: We Want this Tee Already

For all of us who have been hounded to fix someone’s computer, this T-shirt is the answer. Fixing computers, that’s a thankless job with numerous toolbars, Internet Explorer and those shitty malware programs to take care of. And when we’ve slugged through numerous hours of fixing those problems, what we get is a quick fill …

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Beard Measuring Tee Keeps a Scale

The beard measuring T-shirt keeps a scale so you know what famous beard-length of the world you are keeping. It is good to stick to the scale and keep up with the personality of the beard length. We hear apocalyptic consequences can befall if the beard scale is ever maligned. Via The Beardly, High Definite, …

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Time to Drop the F Bomb

We drop the F-bomb countless times in a day, in fact enough that getting it on T-shirt won’t quite feel too weird. Besides, it is quite an intriguing piece of typography. Costs $29. Via RampagedReality

Engineer cheat sheet T-shirt

Filled with nerdy goodness and formulas, this tee should be a great way to show off your engineering skills, or lack thereof. Costs $25-$27. Via: bookofjoe