Imagining Superman With a GoPro Camera [video]

Superman doesn’t wear a GoPro camera, but he totally should considering the view is going to be great. The video is a concept from YouTube filmmakers CorridorDigital. Since Superman wasn’t really at their disposal, they used a DJI Phantom quadcopter drone to capture the aerial shots. via

Superman Versus Goku in Flipbook Animation

In a collision of massively powered heroes, Superman and Goku battle it out in this flipbook animation. There is a winner, although with subjects of different universes like these, it is difficult to entirely agree or disagree with the result. What we can agree with, is that Superman versus Goku would be one epic fight.

Superman and Batman Raincoats

The incessant rain must be brought to justice, and superheroes don’t quit their job because of falling water droplets. Also, children will be much happier wearing these rather than the usual fare. The Superman raincoat is priced at $42.45, and the Batman raincoat ranges between $36 to $50.

Superman/Clark Kent Reversible Costume

Superman’s crime fighting days have gotten tougher, mostly because of a general lack of telephone booths to change his costume in. Besides, he just might have the added clutter of smartphones and tablets, which probably won’t make a wise choice in dropping off with his clothes. Worry not, Superman and superman fans, because this costume …

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