Super Mario decals for your car

There are a whole lot of self-professed Super Mario fans out there, but only a handful would have the courage to plaster their car with these decals. Well, they’re good. Actually, I’d say they’re the look-good-on-someone-else’s car kind of good. Cost $60. Via: technabob

Mario is toast [pic]

The famed Italian plumber would approve of this awesome image formed with bread. Only, most of him would be eaten, barring the burnt bread that is. Gearfuse

Super Mario Rubik’s Cube: How Difficult Could That Be?

The Rubik’s cube has been a pain for generations, and adding Super Mario to it would probably make it more bearable, and perhaps easier as well. Each side of the cube has a scene from a different “world” in Super Mario, and its your skills with the puzzle and the game that are both going …

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Super Mario Recreated For The Real World

The video above is from the reality show “India’s Got Talent.” In an act, the group “Illuminati” created a real-life version of Super Mario. They’ve changed the game slightly to accomodate their real-life version, also, it’s Luigi that saves the day for Mario and the Princess. It could have been better if Mario and Luigi’s …

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Laser Cutter Shows Talent, Plays Super Mario Theme

The Super Mario theme is something all of us remember from our childhood, and the music sounds pretty cool coming from a laser cutter as well. Step motors of the cutter have been arranged to play the music, and they do the job fairly well. Geekologie and Offworld