Minion Bros

Minions meet Super Mario in this very cool image by redditor Drezkot the image was made for a contest by CG Meetup. We find it even more appropriate because Minions are such bros.

Mario Warfare, Part 4

The fourth installment of the fan made Mario series, Mario Warfare is out. This time around, there’s Mario fighting in the Smash Club, taking on Link, Ness, Little Mac, Kirby, Ash and Pikachu. Link, dude, you need to work on your self-esteem. Also, Mario where the hell did you get the heart to treat Pikachu that way. Plus there’s a somewhat hilarious training scene where Donkey Kong trains Peach using bananas, at one point nearly thrusting his banana down her throat.

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Super Mario Ice Pops

Popsicles in Mario flavor? Well, that sounds like a good idea provided the shrooms be as good as the ones Mario takes. Since that isn’t happening, we might as well just enjoy prints of Mario character representations as popsicles. The series by Chungkong has the catchphrase Frozen Bros. on a stick which, we might add sounds quite suggestively morbid. The prints though, are a delight, and Bullet Bill finally gets his time to shine.

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Kid Gets a Mario Face Haircut

Mario face on the hair. This kid’s going to be the king of the neighborhood with Mario on his head. Granted it will only last a few days, but the skill with the haircut and the legend would stay. Via

Super Mario Bros. Levels Carved on Animal Skulls

German sculptor and illustrator Tobias W├╝stefeld has crafted Super Mario levels atop animals skulls. The sculpted levels also feature characters and surroundings from the game, showing tiny Mario, Goombas, Koopas, a mushroom and the fireflower. It’s great to imagine the idea of sculpted Super Mario Bros levels, but seeing they’re carved on animal skulls kind of makes the entire thing a bit uncomfortable. Of course we’ve seen several sculptures or ideas that employ similar ideas, but this one just doesn’t feel right.

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