Muhammad Ali Beats the Crap out of Ryu [street art]

Street art on Paris streets tells the story of Muhammad Ali taking on Ryu for a fight. Looks like poor Ryu never had a chance. This poster is the work of Italian artist Combo, who seems to have put up numerous works through various cities in the world. Via StreetArtNews

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Fierce Street Fighters turn super cute

Street Fighters have never been close to cute, they’re always those fierce and dreadful warriors. But it is all a matter of how you draw them, like this cute fan art piece that combines Street Fighters and animals for a heavy dose of cute. Created by Chie Yamamoto Boyd. Via: Kotaku

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Street Fighter characters in the Tron universe

Another franchise is getting cosy with Tron. This time Street Fighter characters have decided to keep company to their mates from Marvel and Disney. Most of these illustrations from Bosslogic look interesting, though some appear as if they came from a crazy ass Rave rather than from Tron. Via: Ufunk