Tropical storms that hit Australia [pics]

The top image is a satellite images of the Category 5 tropical storm Yasi that hit Queensland Australia, and had winds going as high as 175mph. The flooding was so intense that even sharks were seen on the country’s flooded streets. The second image is of the tropical cyclone Bianca, that slowed down over the …

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The black and white of storms

Storms can be forces of great destruction, and evoke quite a response from us humans, ranging from our awe of their strength to their surrealistic beauty. Los Angeles-based photographer Mitch Dobrowner has a very interesting take on storms, “Storms are living, breathing things. They are born everyday, they fight against their environment to stay alive, change their form as they age, they lose their strength – and eventually they die.” Checkout these images from the photographer in black and white, where the color seems to accentuate their style.

Via: MyModernMet

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