Automobiles Videos

Kia Picanto Ad With Fingernail Stop Motion [video]

This advertisement for the Kia Picanto used up 900 fake fingernails and 1200 bottles of nail polish. The end result is a creative advertisement made beautiful with stop motion. Now if only they were as good with their cars…

Via DudeCraft

Gaming Videos

Super Mario played on paper [video]

This stop motion video from animator Eric Power shows the world of Mario, with the Italian plumber going down drains, stomping koopas, pissing off masons, and having a weird-good time overall. The animation has been made out of paper, giving it somewhat of a flavor to Eric’s creativity.

Via GammaSquad

Gaming Videos

Final Fantasy VII: Amazing stop motion with toys [video]

Complete with 10,000 picture shots and in two months, this amazing Final Fantasy video takes place in someone’s kitchen. It’s a treat to watch. According to the video description: “The return of Sephiroth, see how Cloud will do to fight back against Sephiroth, main skills is green screen, effects mainly practicing fire,twist fire, color fire and more more fire.”

Via ToplessRobot

Art Videos

Stop motion SF to Paris flight in two minutes

Nate Bolt documented his 11 hour trip from San Francisco to Paris in this 2 minute stop-motion video. The take off and landing photos are rendered, but the others were all taken by Nate’s SLR clicking away after every 2 to 30 seconds to capture images.

Via: Geekosystem


Worn Out explores the decay of everyday objects [video]

A stop-motion animation from Ryan Kothe, the video shows the rapid decay common objects go through. Generally, these things happen too slow and over a substantial period of time to be recognized. The magic of stop motion however, makes it all pass through in just a few seconds.

Via: Colossal

Gadgets Videos

Plasticine iPad [video]

The stop motion video shows a plasticine iPad work quite as well as the real deal. Then there’s the excellent attention to detail and the creativity shines through.

Via: Mashable, Pocket-lint