Stop Motion Animation Music Video from James

Music video for Moving On by James is a wonderful stop-motion video from BAFTA-nominated animator, writer, and director Ainslie Henderson. The video depicts the story of life and death, told with characters made of yellow yarn. Via Colossal

A Girl Named Elastika

One thing I can tell you about Elastika, that girl is resourceful. Also, she has brought office supplies to their most useful ever since they were invented. The stop motion animation is the work of French filmmaker Guillaume Blanchet. via

Ford Does the ‘Snowkhana’ to Parody Ken Block’s Gymkhana

Taking a page out of Ken Block’s awesome Gymkhana, Ford has its own Christmas video with ‘Snowkhana’. Quite like last year’s video, this year’s Snowkhana is a stop motion animation with toys, featuring Mental Block taking the wheel of a 1:64 scale Ford Fiesta. Mr. Mental Block then proceeds to try out stunts, toeing the line of Ken Block, while other cars and characters make cameos. Hit ahead for the last year’s video, this year’s video is up top.

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Amazing Stop Motion Animation of Tissue Animals

tissue animals by nepia

Tissue Animals is a stop motion animation by Japanese tissue manufacturer Nepia. The idea was to show that the manufacturer is mindful of the environment and dedicated to the cause of sustainable forests, conserving the ecosystem, and generating employment. A great way for a tissue manufacturer to show their concern for their environment, considering that their business relies on cutting down trees for the product is to show frolicking animals and ecosystems. And perhaps hope that the message gets across through the video.

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Video shows stop motion chess being played in clay

Moves from both sides may not be the smartest in this game of chess, but that isn’t the point. The beauty in this stop-motion clay animation lies in the movement of the pieces, there battles and their victories. Watch the video to see pegasus, unicorns and a queen that hunts its prey like a shark. …

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WWF for Earth Hour 2011 [video]

This spectacular stop-motion animation has been created by WWF as means to promote the Earth Hour (26 March). Don’t forget to switch off those lights. Via: Colossal