Steampunk LCD Monitor Looks Classic

We’ve had a big dose of Steampunk in the past few days, the latest in line being this Steampunk LCD Monitor. The 19-inch monitor is covered by a 1/8 inch thick brass frame and solid brass corners. It stands on a black lacquer base with gold inlay decor, brass feet, brass screws and brass plated brackets. It is selling for $399 at, you guessed it, Etsy.



Steampunk USB Drive Shows Off Its Gears

The Steampunk USB flash drive works real hard to get the feel, and it is quite evident by the looks itself. Huge gears on the 4GB drive are clearly visible and come from a vintage clock and watch gear. The handcrafted drive is wrapped in copper. It is available for $60 at Etsy.

Steampunk Kamaro

I’d greatly appreciate a car that was all steampunk. That isn’t happening, nonetheless, we can enjoy this graphic from John Vernon. He is a freelance designer, and looks like he has used his talent for the best! A Camaro in Steampunk can never be bad.

Steampunk Workshop

Steampunk iPod Mini Mod

This iPod Mini mod may not be a steampunk thing to the core, but it is passable, even without any of the cogs and gears. Neal created a new casing for the iPod, completely handcrafted out of brass, copper and oak. It does look regal in its new attire though!


Steam Powered Dragon Is An Expensive Indulgence

The Steam Powered Dragon could have been a great thing, a fun to watch 3.5 foot beast. It gets all its steampunky power from a nickel-plated brass boiler double-acting Wilesco steam engine. Sounds good, but here’s the spoiler… it costs $1495.


Steampunk Headphones Will Make Your Ears Ache

Steampunk gadgets always look good, and while these headphones are no exception, they don’t seem to be practical either. The $30 headphones have been transformed from the original to the antique look, but that cold, hard metal rubbing against your ears can’t be all that comfortable.

Etsy and GadgetVenue

Steampunk Giraffe

The mechanical 6 feet steampunk giraffe has been created by Andrew Chase. He has experience in creating mechanical steampunk animals, and has previously created an elephant and another giraffe. This one has shiny blue eyes that look sort of scary on the metal frame. All joints rotate and lock, and the neck can be lowered or raised.


iPod Charging – Steampunk Style

Thomas built an awesome iPod charger using a steam engine and a 5V regulator circuit. It has circuit protection to protect the device from any spikes, and it looks way too cooler than any iPod charger I’ve ever seen.

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