Detroit will get a Robocop statue, thanks to contributions from the internet

Someone threw the idea of Detroit getting a Robocop statue, and the internet welcomed it with open arms. All that was however left out in the cold when Detroit’s mayor declared that there were no plans to erect a Robocop statue. That is when the internet stepped in, with the backers of the statue starting a Kickstarter page for it. The $50,000 needed for the statue has long since been surpassed, thanks to a $25000 donation from …OCP! That’s not the Omni Consumer Products from the Robocop universe, but another that produces manufactures licensed versions of fictional products from entertainment. The 7-foot iron statue will be designed by Casey V. Westbrook.

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World’s tallest Jesus statue gets finishing touches

World’s tallest Jesus statue now stands in the countryside of Swiebodzin, Poland. It stands 170 feet (52 meters) tall from the base of the mound to the tip of the crown. The body itself is 33 meters tall, representing the the lifetime of Jesus Christ.

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Science & Tech

UV Light shows the true colors of ancient Greek statues

Greek statues, as we see them today are mostly marble, what is missing is the bright colors they were originally painted in. Thanks to modern technology, researchers can figure out how these statues originally looked thousands of years ago. Long story short, UV light comes in handy with a technique called ‘raking light’ to identify the colors originally used for the statues. Coupled with techniques like infrared and X-ray spectroscopy, researchers can mitigate the effect of thousands of years on the statues, and get a fairly good idea of what they looked like when they were originally made. Admittedly, a great way to peer into the past.

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