Darth Vader Being a Good Father to Leia in Vader’s Little Princess

Star Wars Vaders Little Princess

Illustrated and written by Jeffrey Brown, Star Wars: Vader’s Little Princess is a book that deals with the life of Darth Vader and Princess Leia. For the book, the Sith Lord is doing his usual duties for the empire, but he also has a young daughter to take care of. The situations obviously often get humorous.

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Disney Princesses, Star Wars Mashup

Disney Princesses Star Wars

Artist Ralph Sevelius illustrated Disney princesses as various characters from Star Wars, and they do a variety of roles in the series; from being Sith Lords to being frozen in carbonite.


Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Matched to Star Wars and Star Trek Characters

Following the line of the Harry Potter Myers-Briggs personality test type we saw earlier, here’s another version where you get too match your personality type with characters from Star Wars.

Get your test here, then click the image above for a larger, more legible version. Or scroll down for the Star Trek version.

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Star Wars Characters As Real World People

famous people as star wars characters by Michael Leavitt

Had Star Wars taken place on our Earth rather than in a galaxy far, far away, we could imagine several of the characters as being personalities from Earth. Artist Michael Leavitt mashed up Star Wars characters with famous people of earth to create a series of wooden sculptures that seems to be pretty spot on, for the most part. The sculptures are currently on display at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City.


Han Solo’s Original DL-44 Blaster Is Up For Auction

han solo original dl-44 blaster auction

Han Solo’s original DL-44 blaster from the Star Wars is up for auction. There are no bids yet, though the bidding starts at $200,000. The bidding will go on till December 21, so there’s still plenty of time to expect someone willing to spend $200,000 will show up.


Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Mood Lights

star wars mood lights vader and stormtrooper

With the Sith Lord and the most feared soldier of the galactic empire lighting up their helmets for effects, we’d say the “mood light” part has been achieved. Available for pre-order, the lamps make use of five LED lights, and are available in two sizes. Costs £15 ($24) for the smaller lamps and £40 ($65) for the larger version.


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Star Wars Characters Invade Serene Paintings by Thomas Kinkade

You would have run into several of the serene landscapes and paintings by Thomas Kinkade, and now you get to see them with a major Star Wars upgrade. In the set titled Wars on Kinkade artist and illustrator Jeff Bennett has added Star Wars characters to the usual Kinkade artpieces, giving the usually calm landscapes the action they so desperately needed.


Death Star Soccer Ball

Put your love for the Star Wars and Soccer in one place, and have a time with the Death Star Soccer Ball. It doesn’t have an exhaust port design flaw, but then it isn’t the size of the moon and won’t shoot down planets either. Costs $30.

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Giant Lego Portrait is Yoda or Vader, Depending On Where Light Falls on It

Created by the folks at Google’s Zurich office, this giant Lego portrait named The Force has been made out of 16000 bricks so arranged that it manages to look like both Yoda and Vader, depending on the angle of light illuminating the portrait. Of course shadows play a big part in revealing what side of “The Force” the portrait is going into.

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Original Star Wars Bloopers Reel

This Star Wars bloopers reel carries footage that wasn’t seen in DVD or BluRay releases, and some parts of it really are fresh. In case you’re wondering where the sound in the video went, there was none for the first few clips. The video is an excerpt from the digital book The Making of Star Wars. Available on Amazon.